Do you want to open a fast food restaurant by buying Zaatar W Zeit franchise? If YES, here is how much it cost to open Zaatar W Zeit franchise successfully. Zaatar w Zeit it is an urban eatery franchise that was founded in Lebanon in 1999.

It is a commercial Lebanese company that has over 20 branches in Lebanon, as well as branches in Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, and Saudi Arabia. The company in all boasts of about 70 branches spread around the Middle East. The name Zaatar W Zeit (stylized as zaatar w zeit) refers to a spice, particularly thyme or za’atar in Arabic.

This spice is a common Middle Eastern herb in Levantine Arabic cuisine used notably in preparation of za’atar manakish and other recipes. The franchise started with their most popular menu, the manakish, but it has since introduced a far more varied menu than just za’atar-based products.

One of the largest restaurant chains in Lebanon, Zaatar w Zeit has made a name for itself in the middle east since 1999. Its menu variety is a mix of modern and traditional foods. Zaatar w Zeit is largely credited with pioneering the Lebanese fast-food chain concept. It took a Lebanese staple, manqousheh, and turned it into an extremely profitable operation.

Donald Daccache, part owner of Zaatar w Zeit, was reputed to have said that he came up with the idea after contemplating the success of America’s most famous fast-food chain, the McDonalds. That’s pretty impressive considering that the company – which now boasts four seated outlets and one delivery kitchen – was established a few years ago.

Its first outlet, which opened in 1999 in Sodeco, was an instant success. The 25-seat place quickly became a popular hangout with young people. Just one year later, a second 35-seat outlet was opened in Kaslik. It was followed by an 80-seat outlet on Bliss Street and a 120-seat outlet in Zalka. If you are interested in buying this franchise, you can contact them via their website.

How Much Does It Cost to Open a Zaatar W Zeit Franchise?

This Lebanese franchise, Zaatar W Zeit, keeps a lot of their financial information under the covers. But that notwithstanding, facts have emerged that the franchise requires an initial investment of between $100,000 and $300,000.

If you want further information regarding the costs involved, you would have to contact the company through their website where you will be required to fill out and submit a form.

Requirement to Become a Zaatar w Zeit Franchisee

Zaatar W Zeit has requirements they expect their intending franchises to meet up with before they can be considered for this franchise. Some of these include;

  • They must have a passion for the industry and strong belief in the existing concept
  • They must be willing to open multiple units over a defined period of time in a specific geographical area.
  • In addition to having the will, the franchisees must have the minimum liquidity to open and operate specified number of units over a defined period of time in a specific geographical area
  • They must have the ability to issue bank guarantee in case needed
  • They must have a minimum of 5 years’ experience in Food & Beverage services/Restaurant sector
  • They must have a proven record of having developed or operated multi-unit concepts
  • They must have the ability to establish an infrastructure dedicated to the development of the brand
  • They must have local knowledge and expertise in the areas of real estate, government regulations, labor law and supply chain