Do you want to open a fast food business by buying We’Re Rolling Pretzel franchise? If YES, here is how much it cost to open We’Re Rolling Pretzel franchise successfully. WRPC, Inc. (the franchisor of We’re Rolling Pretzel Company locations) is a privately owned business based in Alliance, Ohio.

Specialising on providing fresh soft pretzels, beverages and other snacks, We’re Rolling Pretzel has grown continuously across states in the United States and is currently looking to expand. Note that these restaurants provide a selection of hand rolled pretzels made with the company’s secret recipe pretzel dough.

Coupled with the company’s traditional pretzel products, the company also offers a wide range of unique stuffed pretzel items, offering customers an option for a meal or snack on the go. Real lemonade, fresh brewed iced tea, iced coffee, frozen drinks (available at select locations), and a selection of smoothies round out the menu offerings.

At We’re Rolling Pretzel, all retail locations are supported by a team of associates based at the Restaurant Support Centre (RSC) in Alliance, Ohio. The RSC is charged with marketing, product development and ingredient sourcing, franchising, real estate, and other administrative functions to support corporate and franchisee owned locations.

We’re Rolling Pretzel Company always boost of superior quality pretzels and drinks as well as the best menu variety of any pretzel franchise company. Also note that this franchise system is backed by food service professionals who have decades of experience in the industry as well as Associates who have experience in all aspects of restaurant operation and marketing.

We’re Rolling Pretzel also boast of having a gentleman’s agreement with a distributor that handles the delivery of food and supplies to all company and franchisee owned restaurants. Franchisees are mandated to use this distributor unless they request permission to use another vendor, subject to certain qualifications.

When you acquire this franchise, your initial training will teach you how to operate the business according to system standards. You will have access to the Operations Manual, training videos, and other training materials that you can leverage to learn everything about the company.

We’re Rolling Pretzel also provide many types of support including the following: franchisee and restaurant manager training, operations manual, training videos, POS and technology support for company standard systems and software, telephone support, after hours hotline for emergency issues, on-site quality and standards reviews, and semi-annual franchisee meetings.

They also offer many types of marketing assistance including the following: standard menu board design and printing, social media marketing, email marketing, The Rolly Fan Club (points based loyalty card system), new product signage, and custom sign and coupon design (subject to company approval).

Financial Requirements of Opening a We’re Rolling Pretzel Franchise

  • Investments: $91,000 – $223,000
  • Franchise fee: $15,000
  • Royalty fee: 5%
  • Minimum Cash: $50,000
  • Net Worth: $100,000

Steps on How to Open a We’re Rolling Pretzel Franchise

Owning a fast-food franchise can be an incredibly lucrative business, but it requires a lot of cash. You must have at least $100,000 in net worth to open this franchise. Nonetheless, here are few steps to follow when looking to acquire this franchise;

1. Research

First and foremost, to establish a strategy and model for your research, you need to analyze your skills and preferences, consider your past jobs and determine what you liked best and least about them then make a list of your strengths and weaknesses. Also note that you will have to decide on how much money you can invest and how much you would like to make.

After this personal analysis, visit a We’re Rolling Pretzel store! Buy some food, sit in the dining area and observe. If the owner is in (and they typically are), ask them some questions. How long have they been operating in that location? How is the business? How are they managing their food costs, labour costs?

What is rent like? Did the brand give them an opportunity to choose their own location or were they only given options of some pre-determined locations? How many hours a day/week do they have to work to keep the business afloat? What are the profit margins?

2. Apply to the franchisor

After all necessary personal research, now it’s time to visit We’re Rolling Pretzel website and request information about their concepts. The company will provide some brochures, website information, and video material. Note that you may need to fill in an application form with your experience history, education and preferences information included.

After that, you will get the company’s FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document), a document every franchise in the United States is mandated by to provide. You will get more information history of the company, the training and marketing programs, and what costs, royalties, and fees you will be required to pay. After your application is approved, you will need to sign the franchise agreement. Check it out with a lawyer to make sure all the terms and conditions are clear.

3. Seek funding

Along with the franchisee fee ($15,000), you will also need money for construction, kitchen equipment, and insurance. You are also expected to pay for rent during the construction phase so it’s advisable to budget for that expense as well. Call around to get some quotes and budget another $300-$700K.

Although We’re Rolling Pretzel might offer to fund your franchise, or they might leverage their well developed relationships with banks to extend a loan so that you can buy the franchise. The Small Business Administration and bank institutions can also guarantee loans.

4. Preparing to Open

As a new business you will have to find the appropriate location, hire staff, and obtain the recommendations on equipment, process lines, workflow, and a list of reliable vendors. Knowing the occupancy of the location chosen is very crucial. You can come and evaluate the number of visitors in the restaurant area.

Just count how many people visit food area within an hour. And pay attention to competitors – neighbours in your location. Coupled with the technological line, it is necessary to purchase equipment, not only for cooking, but also refrigeration equipment, coffee machines, cash registers, furniture, and more.

Have it in mind that a critical factor in the successful opening of a We’re Rolling Pretzel store is advertising technologies: displays, menu boards, signs, shop windows and other design solutions. Also ensure product quality control at all stages. It is also necessary to follow the conditions for storage of the products, temperature, and expiry dates. One bad audit in any of these areas could put your business in jeopardy.

5. Start your business

Consider a soft opening first. It is a wonderful opportunity to get an honest criticism. After receiving the necessary information, the restaurateur eliminates weaknesses to present a great product to the public later. Note that a grand is expected to be bright and attract visitors.

Think about balloons, banners, and small prizes. Choose the best date when most people are off and will be able to visit your restaurant. Different methods of advertising should also be considered: media ads, TV, radio, popular social networks.


We’re Rolling Pretzel Company was founded in 1996 in Alliance, Ohio, and began offering franchises in traditional and non-traditional locations in 2000. The menu features a variety of pretzel products, along with smoothies and lemonade. We’re Rolling Pretzel Company restaurants can be located in shopping malls, universities, transportation stations, amusement parks, and select big box retail locations.