Smash My Trash is a well-known firm that delivers to both residential and commercial clients with on-site trash compacting solutions. As of 2021, the corporation boasts around 163 individually operated businesses across the country, and its rapid impact keeps expanding.

The SMT provides various choices to meet different demands. Aside from cutting down waste to landfills, smash my trash services can help clients save money on refuse collection expenses, optimize safe working conditions, and also adhere to environmental regulatory requirements.

As the clamor for environmentally friendly garbage management alternatives increases, smash my trash is well-positioned to expand further in the United States. Smash My Trash franchise is someone passionate about entrepreneurship, making life easy for the individuals in their neighborhood.

It is committed to providing its customers with a stress-free garbage disposal mechanism. The company needs its clients to be at ease with everything about its services.

Financial Requirements to Open a Smash My Trash Franchise

  • Initial investments – $322,650- $395,500
  • Required net worth – $500,000
  • Required liquid capital –  $175,000
  • Franchise fee –  $89,500 (2 units) to $334,500 (10 units)
  • Royalty –  8%
  • Brand fund –  1%

Steps to Open a Smash My Trash Franchise

The smash my trash franchise has a simple revenue model that is feasible. However, here are the steps to take:

  1. Make sure you have enough finance. You should have about $500,000 to start an SMT waste minimization franchise.
  2. Consider the financial capital needed for a waste removal services franchise. Take into account the cost of devices, the expense of authorizations and licenses, the expense of uniforms, the expense of insurance, etc.
  3. Consider your previous knowledge and abilities. Before applying to be a smash my trash franchise partner, you should take into account your previous industry knowledge.
  4. Examine the market’s provision. Before moving ahead with the franchising proposal, you should check the demand capacity for smash my trash franchises and imagine if there are any accessible markets in your target location.
  5. Send your request. The SMT franchise committee will evaluate your request. Upon receiving your online application, you would be messaged a validation notice, along with the franchise owner’s contact information.
  6. Get authorization and start your smash my trash franchise. Only when your finance and history verification are concluded, you will be granted franchise authorization. Note that only applicants who satisfy the criteria of franchisees will be approved.


With a median price in the low to medium six-figure spectrum, a smash my trash franchise is an awesome platform for business owners hoping to make a distinction in the garbage management field.

This is an enticing franchise prospect for several business owners because it offers the avenue to obtain a six-figure earning while also preserving the environment. Considering its high profitability, the corporation is well-positioned to expand into new and existing markets throughout the United States.