Naturals2Go is a corporate company that offers nutritious beverages and snacks while leveraging cutting-edge systems in automated retail (vending). They are a one-stop shop for starting and growing your enterprise, with something like a complete suite of vending machine alternatives.

Naturals2Go has assisted loads of entrepreneurs in starting their own nutritious vending enterprises. They are a sturdy, debt-free corporation with nearly 30 years of accomplishments. Healthy vending is a thriving industry that is only expanding.

Numerous variables are converging to continue making this the perfect time to launch your own healthy vending business. You can capitalize on this “Perfect Combination” of conditions to start and expand your Healthy Vending Machine Company. Utilize your machines to aid individuals to eat healthier by providing them better options.

Naturals2Go is still a Vend Tech International, Inc. division. For over 35 years, they have been a committed partner to entrepreneurs and startup businesses across the globe.

They will present you with three tried-and-true options for marketing your company and obtaining superb vending machine sites. They can help you finance your business venture, locate your machines, source commodities, and manage your inventory.

Furthermore, their coaching approach, taught by a number of the industry’s top accomplished vending experts, thoroughly discusses the important elements of starting a company – from outlining your corporate objectives to methods to quickly grow your company.

The average Naturals2Go revenue is determined by the number of units that can be introduced to your firm as well as other variables.

Costs and Fees for Naturals2Go Vending Franchise in 2023

Unlike a franchise, Naturals2Go doesn’t charge a Franchise Fee or royalties. Even though the investment option is structured similarly to a franchise, Naturals2Go doesn’t operate as a franchise business. The money you make is contingent on the number of machines you wish to begin your enterprise with. Nonetheless, the following costs and fees are associated with this franchise:

  • Minimum Cash on Hand Required: $18,000
  • Total Investment: $40,000 – $200,000
  • Net Worth Required: $50,000+

Ideal Candidate for Naturals2Go Vending Franchise

The suitable Naturals2Go applicant is health-conscious, well-educated, and technologically savvy. It must be an individual who is searching for:

  • A Simple Idea
  • Adaptive Schedule
  • Cash Enterprise
  • Passive Revenue
  • Part-Time or Full-Time business
  • Quality of Life

Steps to Apply for Naturals2Go Vending Franchise in 2023

  1. The application procedure

The first step in purchasing a Naturals2Go Vending franchise is to check out their website where the franchisor makes available all the details of the franchise. There exists a simple application procedure available via contact information limited to requests within the United States.

The franchise applicant is assisted through all the application procedure without pressure during the chat. Some other alternative is to click on the “contact us” button, which will take you to an interface of the system where you can easily communicate with the franchisor.

  1. Examine the FDD thoroughly

Franchisees are mandated by law to deliver a franchise disclosure document to prospective franchisees (FDD). The Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) is a legitimate record that divulges details regarding the company. It ought to be provided at least 10 days before the execution of the franchise contract. Keep in mind that this contract is irreversible, so you must comprehend the conditions before signing.

  1. Obtain all necessary licenses and permits

Don’t assume the documentation is finished when the FDD is signed. Once you begin, you must apply for a business license. Discover what kind of authorization you’ll need by contacting city hall or your local administration.

To find out the recommendations you need to incorporate, visit the homepage of your Secretary of State. Aside from a name and an appointed director, the website would have to include instructions regarding how to structure your articles of incorporation.

  1. Create your office

After that, you need to start working on your office. If you plan to operate from home, designate a portion of your house for your business. Aside from possessing a basic phone line and internet access, it’s additionally a good idea to dress each day as if you’re headed to the office.

A solely devoted office is also required in order to meet the criteria for a home office tax deduction. If you operate throughout the apartment, perhaps even in the kitchen, you cannot claim a home office deduction since the room wasn’t used purely for work.

  1. Acquire your customers

You can’t depend entirely on your store brand to bring in customers. You must do the majority of your own sales promotion. Discovering a customer base is not that difficult. Begin with family members and friends, and prepare your dining room table pitch. Then determine which markets you would really like to enter.


Naturals2Go is a dominant player in the rapidly growing healthy food vending industry. Contemporary touch screen vending machines accept cash, credit cards, and Smartphone payments, and owners can oversee their vending business online.

Naturals2Go was founded in early 2009 and has developed quickly ever since. Naturals2Go pioneered healthy vending, spawning a new market that is still expanding.