Do you want to start a tutoring business by buying Mathnasium franchise? If YES, here is how much it cost to open a Mathnasium franchise and their requirement.

In 2002 they had just one Mathnasium center in Los Angeles, California. Today they are teaching children in communities across America and in countries around the world, providing neighborhood environments where humanity combines with math expertise. Their mission is to, “Help every child understand – and master – math.

The franchisor is Mathnasium Center Licensing, LLC. The franchisor awards franchises throughout the to independent operators for the operation of learning centers that provide math instruction using the Mathnasium education method.

Mathnasium centers are open to the public at least five times a week during after-school hours for at least four hours per day. Children typically attend Mathnasium centers twice a week for approximately 60 minutes per session. Some children attend more than twice a week or for more than 60 minutes per session.

The Mathnasium Method uses diagnostics, instruction, guided practice and manipulatives. The Mathnasium system includes worksheets for children between four and 17 years old.

How Much It Cost to Open a Mathnasium Franchise

Please note that these 17 important franchise fees (from the initial franchise fee, to the royalty fee, to 15 other fees found in Items 5 and 6 of Mathnasium’s 2019 FDD).

Initial Franchise Fee

  • $26,500 to $49,000

Mathnasium’s initial franchise fee is $49,000 for your first franchise. You must pay the entire fee when you sign the Franchise Agreement. This fee is fully earned by Mathnasium once paid and is not refundable except as described below.

  • If Mathnasium elects to withdraw its approval of you as a franchisee during or at the conclusion of the initial training program, it will return the initial franchise fee to you, less the costs it has incurred in marketing, awarding, and processing your franchise and in providing training to you.
  • The initial franchise fee is used (in addition to other purposes) to pay for the costs of the initial training program, up to 6 hotel room nights during the initial training program, the apprenticeship training program, and the first 6 months of your base royalty (first center only).
  • For training programs, you must pay all other expenses, including travel and lodging, not otherwise stated as covered.
  • Prior to the time the initial franchise fee and Franchise Agreement are submitted, franchisees are required to submit to a background check which includes a criminal/civil record search and may include a credit check. Mathnasium will not countersign a Franchise Agreement until it has received results of the search and check.
  • If Mathnasium determines that you are unsuitable to run a Mathnasium center as a result of background check and credit check results, it reserves the right to not accept you as a franchisee and to terminate any agreements between it and you and return to you any initial franchise fee paid.
  • If you are purchasing an additional franchise, you will pay a discounted initial franchise fee of $26,500. Mathnasium may finance $15,000 of the initial franchise fee. If it does, you will pay $11,500 when you sign the Franchise Agreement and will pay the balance by signing a 12% simple interest per year promissory note for $15,000, to be paid in equal monthly installments over 20 months (i.e. $831 per month).
  • Mathnasium is a participant in the International Franchise Association VetFran Program. If you are a qualifying veteran honorably discharged from the U.S. Armed Forces (Navy, Marines, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, and National Guard) or if you are an active duty member of the U.S. Armed Forces on the effective date of the Franchise Agreement, Mathnasium will reduce the initial franchise fee for your first center by 25%.
  • If you choose to pay the initial franchise fee by credit card, you must also pay Mathnasium the bank charges it incurs for credit card processing. Currently, the charge is 2.5% of the transaction amount.
  • The range of actual initial franchise fees charged in Mathnasium’s last fiscal year ending December 31, 2018 was from $0 to $49,000, the higher amount being the amount charged for initial fees for the first unit.
  • Mathnasium reserves the right to change the initial franchise fee or discounts given at anytime before you purchase a franchise.

Monthly Royalty

Initially, 10% of your monthly gross receipts from all sources as a result of operating your center, plus a base royalty fee of $500 per month (payable on the first center only). Beginning in the 24th month of operation of the center, the base royalty fee plus the greater of (i) the 10% monthly royalty or (ii) $1,500.

  • Franchises Ranked by Average Revenues and Profits
  • Due Date: Payable monthly on the 20th day of the following month.
  • Payment of the base royalty fee begins on the 20th day of the first full month after the Franchise Agreement is signed and begins the first month each additional center opens for additional centers.
  • The 10% monthly royalty begins when you open your Center. The minimum royalty payment is due in the 24th month after your center opens.
  • Mathnasium presently provides a royalty rebate for its top performers of 2% on royalties paid on monthly gross receipts. For a franchisee to qualify for this rebate, all centers owned by that franchisee must be operating under current Franchise Agreements. For a franchisee to qualify for the rebate for a given month, the franchisee’s total combined monthly revenues must rank in the top 50% of all such combined revenues for all U.S based Mathnasium franchisees (in addition to being in full compliance with Mathnasium’s operating systems).
  • Mathnasium also presently provides a royalty fee rebate during the first six months after an existing franchisee acquires an existing center from the previous owner of 100% of the monthly royalty fee, with a cap of $1,500 per month ($9,000 maximum).
  • Royalty rebate policies are reviewed annually and Mathnasium may change or terminate them at any time.
  • “Gross Receipts” are defined as the total of all receipts (all money or things of value received) derived from all sources in connection with the operation of the Center, including, without limitation, student tuition, registration and testing fees, sales of learning materials, hourly per student private tutoring, and any other products or services provided in connection with the operation of the center or which are promoted or sold under or using the Marks, and without deducting your costs or expenses, salaries, overrides, or bonuses payable to your employees or independent tutors.
  • “Gross Receipts” shall exclude only sales tax receipts that you must by law collect from customers and that you pay to the government, customer refunds actually paid, and coupons or promotional discounts approved by Mathnasium.

Monthly Marketing Fee

$250, plus 2% of your monthly gross receipts from all sources as a result of operating your center

  • Due Date: Payable monthly on the 20th day of the following month.
  • The marketing fee for franchise operators who became Mathnasium franchisees on or prior to March 4, 2013 is 2% of monthly gross receipts.

Technology License Fee

Currently $110 per month per center, subject to increase

  • Due Date: Payable monthly on the 20th day of the following month.
  • For each center, payable on the 20th day of the next month after the month in which you execute the Franchise Agreement.
  • You must use Mathnasium’s centralized computer system for business management at your center. Mathnasium has invested in and currently uses a proprietary technology system built on a platform it developed.
  • Mathnasium also pays storage costs for the data produced by franchisees’ operations of their software.
  • As of the date of the 2018 disclosure document, the technology fee charged by Mathnasium to franchisees to cover these costs is $110 per center per month.
  • The technology fee currently covers the cost of your use of Mathnasium’s proprietary technology system (currently called “Radius”) and storage requirements for your first center, but may be used by Mathnasium to cover any technology-related costs. Additional centers require payment of 1 additional monthly technology fee each.
  • Mathnasium reserves the right to change the centralized computer system at any time and to use the technology fees paid by you to cover any technology – related costs.
  1. Annual Convention Fee: currently $200 per franchisee
  • Due Date: Payable annually, generally in May.
  • This fee is charged to partially defray Mathnasium’s costs of holding an Annual Convention. The fee is charged per franchisee and covers attendance for one person only. Additional attendees will be charged an additional fee of $200 per person.
  • Attendance is required. Even if you are unable to attend a particular annual convention, the annual convention fee charged to you that year is not refundable.
  1. Administrative Fee for Late Payment: $100 every 2 weeks until payment is made
  • Due Date: Beginning on the 5th day after payment is due and every 2 weeks thereafter.
  • Payable if you are 5 days late on payments due to Mathnasium.
  1. Administrative Fee for Late Submission of Reports: $100 every two weeks until reports submitted
  • Due Date: 21st day of the month following the month covered by the reports and every week thereafter.
  • Payable if you are 1 day late in submitting reports.
  1. Non-Compliance: $300 per month for each non-complying incident
  • Due Date: 30 days following receipt of written notice.
  • Applies if you fail to make changes requested in a written notice.
  1. Returned Payment Service Charge: $60 per returned payment by bank for non-sufficient funds
  • Due Date: When requested by Mathnasium.
  • Charge covers Mathnasium’s processing costs.
  1. Shipping Costs: actual cost of shipping only
  • Due Date: When incurred.
  1. Payments for “Chargeable Items” Purchased from Mathnasium: prices determined by Mathnasium
  • Due Date: As stated on invoice.
  • Mathnasium may offer supplemental teaching materials or promotional items for your use or sale which you may, at your option, purchase. These are called “Chargeable Items.”
  1. Transfer Fee: $7,000
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  • Due Date: On approval of transfer.
  • Payable if you transfer your franchise.
  1. Training Fee: $3,000
  • Due Date: Before training begins.
  • This fee is only paid by a transferee who is purchasing an existing and operating Mathnasium center.
  • This fee is nonrefundable and covers the initial training program for up to 2 people.
  • Transferees who purchase an existing and operating Mathnasium center are required to pay Mathnasium a nonrefundable training fee of $3,000 prior to attending training.
  • This fee covers the costs of the initial training program for up to two people, but does not cover the costs of your hotel rooms or any other incidental costs you may incur in connection with attending the initial training and apprenticeship program.
  1. Initial Training Program Tuition for Additional Trainees: $750 per person
  • Due Date: Before training begins.
  • Payable if more than 2 individuals will attend the initial training program.
  1. Additional Marketing Assessment: pro rata amount to cover special advertising program
  • Due Date: When incurred.
  • Determined by a majority vote of all franchised centers (one vote per center).
  1. Local or Regional Cooperative Advertising: as determined by cooperative. All money spent on cooperative advertising will be a credit against the local advertising requirement.
  • Due Date: Determined by cooperative.
  • Mathnasium may designate cooperatives of 2 or more centers. Company-owned or affiliate-owned centers will participate in cooperatives and will have one vote per center.
  1. Reimbursement of Taxes: actual amount of taxes assessed against Mathnasium due to your operation of your center
  • Due Date: Upon demand.
  • Payable if your state imposes such a tax on Mathnasium.

How to Get Mathnasium Franchise

If you are cool with the requirements and finance involved in acquiring this franchise, then you need to follow these six steps;

Step 1 – Request Information

It just takes two minutes to fill out the Request More Information form. Upon completion, they will send you their Franchise Information Kit, and an Executive Director of Franchise Development will contact you to set up an introductory call.

Step 2- Initial Call & Request for Consideration

During the call, our Executive Director of Franchise Development will answer any initial questions you might have about investing in the franchise and send you a Request for Consideration (RFC) form to complete.

Step 3 – Franchise Disclosure Document

Once they approve your RFC form, your Franchise Executive will call you to go over their Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). The FDD includes details about the financials, mutual responsibilities, and the incredible support they provide.

Step 4 – Validation

During validation, you will be given the opportunity to speak with Mathnasium franchisees about what it’s like to own and operate your own Mathnasium Learning Center, why they chose a math tutoring business, and why they became Mathnasium franchisees.

Step 5 – Discovery Day

At this point you may be invited to Mathnasium Franchise Headquarters in Los Angeles, California for a Mathnasium Discovery Day visit. You will meet key executives at Mathnasium and get an inside glimpse of our education program, marketing and business systems. You will be given a hands-on tour of a Mathnasium Learning Center and meet with a Mathnasium Center Director.

Step 6 – Franchise Awarded

Once approved, you will be able to execute a franchise agreement package with all the documents necessary for you to complete. After they receive your completed documents and your initial franchise fee, you will be awarded a Mathnasium Franchise. Training follows. Your future begins.