Do you want to open a small business by buying Hang Up Garment Covers franchise? If YES, here is how much it cost to open a Hang Up Garment Covers franchise. Hang Up Garment Covers is a business that makes hangers for dry cleaned garments.

In addition to keeping garments straight and neat, those hangers are also a huge marketing concept. They do this by printing company adverts on the covers that accompany the hangers so that when the owners collect their laundry, they get to see those displayed advertisements.

For an entrepreneur on the lookout for a small and easy business to run, this franchise is really ideal. Companies who run adverts with hang up garment covers get to have their adverts printed on 50,000 garment covers in the space of one year.

The idea is that laundry customers get to see those adverts for one whole year. Once a dry cleaner has the Hang Up Garment Covers as part of their business operations, they cannot do without them year after year. In addition, these hangers are supplied to dry cleaners free of charge. Hang up garment covers business is easy and simple to do and extremely profitable

How Much It Cost to Open Hang Up Garment Covers Franchise

A Hang Up Garment Covers dealership business can be run from home or any outlet and it can equally be run on a full-time or part-time basis. In fact, you are free to choose the business hours that suit you best. Yes, this franchise is that flexible. You are indeed your own boss.

On how much a Hang Up Garment Covers franchise costs, it will surprise you that you have little or nothing to pay out. There is no franchise fee and no royalties required. Why hang up garment covers require little or no cost is that it is basically a partnership. It provides a healthy source of residual income to its members.

Advantages Of Purchasing a Hang Up Garment Cover Dealership

  • Very low investment
  • Rapid return on investment
  • No franchise fees or royalties
  • Protected territories
  • Open to anyone
  • No inventory
  • Home-based
  • 80% residuals you can count on every year

With no competition and being the first to market, a $300,000 annual net income could be yours. The business also enjoys protected areas left exclusively for franchisees.

Because hang up garment covers are very confident in the success of their franchisees, they usually give them their first 50,000 Hang Up Garment Covers for free. The franchisees also get to keep the entire first $6,000 in advertising revenue.

Finance Information

Investments: $9,600

To open a single advertising and promotions location, the company requires that potential franchisees have liquid assets of at least $16,900.

Benefits To The Dry Cleaner:

  • The garment covers are given out free of charge, so you do not need to purchase covers again.
  • Your logo and branding will always be at the top
  • You will be seen as supporting local businesses in your area
  • You will receive the goodwill for saving your customers money with great deals and coupons offered only by you.
  • The company does all the work, you take all the credit.
  • Every Morning, When the Dry Cleaners customers get dressed, they will see they dry cleaner’s Company’s ad for an entire year on 50,000 Hang Up Garment Cover.