Do you want to start a restaurant business by buying Dave and Busters franchise? If YES, here is how much it cost to open a Dave and Busters franchise. Dave and Buster’s is an American restaurant that also has an entertainment arm. The business is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Each Dave and Buster’s has a full-service restaurant and a video arcade. Dave and Buster’s threw its doors open in 1982 in Dallas.

How Much It Cost to Open a Dave and Busters Franchise

If you are wondering whether Dave and Busters is a franchise, well you have to know that the company indeed offers franchises, but this franchise offering is currently limited. So, if you want to offer a Dave and Busters franchise, below are the things you need to know.

Dave and Busters for now, does not offer any franchise across the US, except in Canada and other countries of the world. In fact, more than 72% of its business structure comprises of franchises across Canada and North America. But if you are looking to open a Dave and Buster’s franchise in Canada or elsewhere across the globe, here are their requirements. Dave and Buster’s offer two different types of franchises. They include;

  • Single Unit: This is the condition where a franchisee is offered the right to run a single Dave and Buster’s authentic barbecues restaurant with the name Famous Dave’s.
  • Area Development Agreement: This is the condition where the franchisee is mandated to develop an agreed number of Dave and Buster’s restaurants and this must be achieved within an agreed period of time, in a geographic area or Territory.

Apart from the types of franchise available in Dave and Buster’s, they equally have two prototypes for franchise locations: a small and large prototype. If you are looking to open a “small” location, you will need a floor plan of at least 26,500 sq.ft. For the “larger prototype,” your location should have more than 40,000 sq.ft of floor space.

You will have to meet the following requirements in order to open a Dave and Buster’s franchise:

  • Your games arcade section will have to be able to seat more than 50 people
  • You should have a special events venue that can seat over 200
  • You need ample parking with 300-400 spaces
  • 2-level storefront facade or height with a clearance of 16’
  • A footprint of 175’ by 200’

Dave and Buster’s also require that the daytime population of the location should be more than 100,000. Also, the daytime population of the residential area within 10 miles of the location should exceed 700,000.

The fee for setting up a Dave and Buster’s franchise is not readily available. But if you are interested, you will have to send a mail to to inquire about the cost.

Steps on How Much It Cost to Get a Dave and Busters Franchise

The Dave and Buster’s corporate headquarters in Dallas owns, operates and generally oversees all the activities in each and every location in the US. However, if you are outside of the US, you can open a Dave and Buster’s franchise if you meet the set requirements.

To get the Dave and Busters franchise, you have to write to the company through their website. They will of course give you a reply if you are eligible to apply. They would pass you through the process of setting up your own location and help you in various areas.

You must also ensure that you can handle the capital requirements of the franchise including the franchise fee. Once you have settled the Dave and Buster’s franchise fee and you have been licensed to carry out their franchise operations at your location, the company will train you, the franchisee, for a minimum of four sessions.

The director of operations will be trained for a minimum of 20 sessions and the management staff will be trained for a minimum of 35 sessions. Training programs will be held at standard training locations allocated by Dave and Buster’s. After the trainings, you can put final touches in place and then launch your restaurant and arcade business.

What You Must Know About Dave and Busters Franchise

The business was founded by David Corriveau and James “Buster” Corley. Corley had previously operated a bar called “Buster’s” in Little Rock, Arkansas, next door to a saloon and game parlor called “Cash McCool’s”, owned by Corriveau.

After opening Dave and Buster’s, the two operated as co-CEOs. In 1989, Edison Brothers Stores purchased a majority ownership in the restaurant to finance further expansion into other cities. Dave and Buster’s was spun off from Edison Brothers, and went public with Andy Newman as chairman in 1995. By 1997, the chain had ten locations across the country.

Dave and Buster’s acquired nine Jillian’s locations after Jillian’s filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in 2004. Seven of these Jillian’s locations were rebranded with the Dave and Buster’s name, while two were closed following the acquisition.

Items on the Dave and Buster’s menu include pastas, burgers, steaks, seafood, chicken and desserts, and they are offered from early lunch until late night. The menu is frequently updated to reflect current trends and guest favorites. Some locations serve Sunday brunch too. Buffets are available for special events and private parties.

The restaurant world has changed since Dave and Buster’s restaurant and amusement center opened in Dallas, Texas. They don’t just serve food and drinks, but they also provide their customers a means for entertainment by having a video arcade on their store. That instantly became a sure hit for many people, especially for those who love to eat and enjoy at the same time.

As of November 2019, the company has 135 locations in the and Canada, with more announced to open in the near future.

Dave and Buster’s restaurant and amusement center served people almost all day, starting from mid-morning up to late at night. This choice of time makes them serve people at a very efficient time. Their restaurant serves a lot of variety of foods and drinks. Whether it is pasta, seafood, steaks, chicken, burgers, or even dessert, Dave and Buster’s restaurant and amusement center has it all.

They are also continuously upgrading their list of food so as to suite the taste of their customers, as well as to maintain their principle of serving high quality, classy, and up to date foods. Some of their branches also include special menus, which are offered on special days, on their food list.