A 101 mobility is a company that offers specialist, proven survivability, and convenience workarounds to elderly and disabled people.

It is a leading company, serving over 150 territories across the United States. Old people, the disabled, and people with special demands rely on 101 mobility for outstanding products, assistance, and alternatives such as stair climbers, auto ramps, passageways, vertical platform hoists, conveyors, restroom safety, and much more.

The 101 mobility’s main objective is to offer, rent, install, and repair or maintain products that assist the disabled and elderly with mobility issues.

Stairlifts, auto-lifts, patient lifts, scooters porch lifts, elevators, wheelchair ramps, and other products are available for them. 101 mobility provides franchisees with an alternative to the senior care industry. The system makes it possible to leverage the increasing amount of aging people who would like to age at home, as well as the population of people with mobility impairments.

Financial Requirements to Open 101 Mobility Franchise

  • Initial investments: $116,560 – $215,120
  • Net-worth requirement: $250,000
  • Liquid cash requirement: $100,000
  • Initial franchise fee: $35,000 – $60,000
  • Ongoing royalty fee: 5 – 7%
  • Ad royalty fee: 1.25%

101 Mobility Benefits to Franchisees

  • Capability to expand beyond a small company.
  • The cloud-based operating system is application-specific.
  • It is among the few brand names in the mobility and accessibility industry sectors, as well as the dominant franchise brand.
  • National contracts are available, such as a VA FSS.
  • There are few workers.
  • Large zones of protection.
  • Best-in-class pricing from the manufacturers.
  • Products that are labeled and confidential.
  • The established market potential is enormous.
  • It has a perfect lengthy development curve.
  • They have recognized and proprietary technologies among the quality product vendors.
  • Merchandise distributors’ upper-edge valuations and incentive schemes.
  • Marketing assistance is solid, with all web interactions handled internally.

Steps to Open a 101 Mobility Franchise

  1. Talk to as many people as possible

This suggests that you should consult both franchisors and franchise owners before deciding on a franchise. 101 mobility will offer you an accurate view of whatever you can anticipate as a franchisee, but their strategy will be more sales motivated. They would like to have you become a member of their franchise.

After speaking with the crew, going to meet with current franchise owners is a great way to double-check whatever you were informed, and also see the franchise business from another angle. Most franchisors ought to be inclined to provide you with contact information for their franchise owners.

  1. Enlist the assistance of legal and financial experts

When beginning the franchising adventure with 101 mobility, all prospective franchise owners should seek the advice of legal and economic experts. If you decide to tackle it alone, you are taking an enormous gamble unless you have been educated and competent in the fields.

It is important to mention that a counsel or legal advisor with expertise in the franchise model segment will be capable of looking over the huge set of legal contracts that define your relationship with 101 mobility. Similarly, a financial adviser will assist you in running the numbers and determining if your financial models are precise and realistic. This is important in creating a detailed business plan.

  1. Create a detailed business plan

A business plan is required to prove to others that putting money into a specific franchise is commercially feasible. 101 mobility, on the other hand, will assist you in creating this file because the company already has some experience. However, because the business plan will be employed to apply for financing, ensure that you understand and agree with the envisaged path for your 101 mobility franchise.

  1. Consider your options when it comes to financing

You should take into account how you intend to fund your business. In certain instances, you are forced to make a choice.

Franchise owners every once in a while have access to the money to support the setting independently. Almost always, franchise owners could perhaps depend on family members and friends to supplement their funds. Whenever the principal amount is beyond reach; this could be a perfect way to gather some additional cash.


The 101 mobility retails, leases, and deploys movement and ease-of-access supplies in the United States to assist the disabled and old people.

The corporation was launched in 2008 and is headquartered in Wilmington, North Carolina. Extroverted distribution and customer service experts with a standard of competence or managerial experience make excellent 101 mobility applicants.

Perfect franchisees will be results-oriented individuals who can form relationships and have a fervent desire to succeed in their new venture. An experience in operational processes or economics is favored, but again not required, especially for many who are eager to learn and devote themselves full-time to the advancement of their company.