Do you want to start a Japanese restaurant business franchise but you lack ideas? If YES, here are 6 best Japanese restaurant franchise opportunities for 2019. It is a well-known fact that there are many franchising opportunities in the United States alone and with the increased popularity of Japanese food, it has become inevitable that some Japanese restaurants in the United States will start to offer franchise opportunities.

There are many Japanese chain restaurants that Americans have come to know and love. Here are a few of them that are offering franchise opportunities in the .

6 Best Japanese Restaurant Franchise Opportunities for Sale and Their Cost

1. Freshness Burger

This restaurant is also known as freshness by the locals. It offers a wide range of burgers including those that are large and small in size and in addition, they also sell coffee and vegetarian items.

  • Initial startup capital: $300,000 to $350,000

2. Ippudo

With over 300 restaurants outside Japan this store is a force to reckon with  in the Japanese restaurant business. Ippudo specializes in the preparation of Japanese style hakata tokatsu style ramen. Tonkatsu soup base are simmered from pork bone marrow, they are rich, thick, and creamy. They also offer dishes such as pork buns and chicken karage.

3. Beard Papa’s

This restaurant started in Osaka but has since expanded to over 40 stores scattered all over the world today. This Japanese restaurant specializes in puff pastry that are somewhat similar to eclairs and fondant cakes. Their menu for puff pastry only consist of 4 fillings; Vanilla, Chocolate, Green Tea, and Custard.

4. Yoshinoya

This chain restaurant specializes in the sale of beef bowl (gyūdon). As a matter of fact, they have more male patrons than females. This restaurant has many different franchise locations in the United States and other Asian countries.

5. Matsuya

This is one of the largest food chains in Japan with 833 different locations scattered all over the globe. In addition to serving beef bowls like Yoshinoya, it also serves curry rice dishes.

6. Lotteria

This Japanese restaurant started in the year 1972 and has since expanded to South Korea. In fact, Lotteria is the number one fast food chain with over 45 percent of the market share. They serve hamburgers, teriyaki burgers and shrimp burgers, however, they have been known to change their menu from time to time.