Do you want to start a go kart business by buying a franchise? If YES, here are 14 best indoor Go Kart franchise opportunities for sale and their cost. A go – kart business provides indoor racing platforms for go – kart enthusiasts.

These services tend to include go – kart rentals, track use, and other race – related activities. Some modern go – kart businesses in the United States offer drivers the opportunity to engage in low, medium, or high – speed races on indoor race tracks.

General Services include go – kart rental, safety gear rental, custom race options, and by – the – hour track use. A go – kart business can be a standalone entity or exist as part of a larger entertainment centre, park, or public attraction. For a go – kart business to succeed in this modern America, its management is expected to be highly flexible.

Car enthusiasts, carnival workers, maintenance operators, and those with a sense of excitement can benefit greatly from owning a go – kart business. Go – kart business owners are known to handle insurance plans, kart maintenance, track timing systems, part sourcing, safety gear sourcing, barrier setup, and day-to-day racing governance.

Looking through an administrative lens, successful go – kart business owners handle finances, marketing, management, and location maintenance. Successful tracks are run by personnel who are experienced in driver safety, since it is crucial to monitor every race.

Go – kart business owners are also expected to understand the fundamentals of motor vehicle management, safe driving procedures, mechanics, racing procedures, warehouse operation, and general business planning. Go – kart racing is a lucrative venture, but it fails to be sustainable if it isn’t approached by a responsible someone with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Note that since most go – kart businesses operate as contractor entities, many simply serve larger complexes. Howbeit, a go – kart business’s growth potential will eventually be tied to the complexes. Larger complexes absorb many go – kart businesses, too. This mostly happens because individual go – kart businesses struggle to compete against larger entertainment complexes.

If a go – kart business manages to stay independent, it can benefit from a healthy environment of returning customers. However, it is quite difficult to become a multi – state go – kart racing provider without leveraging a good franchise.

If you’re looking to build a great go kart business or acquire a karting franchise, then please research the following businesses outlined below closely. They offer the best go kart business models in the United States, and perhaps the top franchises in the world.

14 Best Indoor Go Kart Franchise Opportunities and Their Cost

1. 360 Degree Karting

360 Degree Karting’s products, solutions and consulting services allows your go – kart track’s customers to enjoy the same extraordinary sensations that Formula 1 drivers experience when competing. With this business franchise, your guests will experience an adrenaline rush from the moment they close the visors on their helmets to their reluctant return home, reinforcing the thought of returning to your go – kart track.

2. Amusement Park Construction

Be it indoors or outdoors, Amusement Park Construction (APC) go kart tracks explores all the limits to make your go kart ride more exciting and still keep your customers safe. Note that most go karts today will operate just fine on a flat surface track (like an existing warehouse floor), but the track is not interesting to look at and is also less interesting to ride.

According to experts, these have resulted in less ticket sales and less profit. By adding different elevations to the track (up to 8 feet for slab on grade tracks) to add a vertical dimension to the track, the end result is a go kart track that not only looks amazing, but an unbelievable ride! In addition to go karts, APC also builds miniature golf courses, batting cages, and bumper boat attractions.

3. Kart Trax Indoor Go – Kart Racing

Kart Trax Formula Racing brings all the fun and excitement of auto racing to kids of all ages, in a safe, clean, upscale environment with its electric powered go – karts. Kart Trax has just begun expanding the success of its enormously popular launch facility in Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Right from June 2004 when it’s started, the Myrtle Beach sight has been home to 50,000 adult and over 18,000 children’s races. The company’s model is built upon electric – powered Karts in indoor facilities, and this business has endless advantages over the gas – powered go – kart parks.

A unique “one stop shop” offered nowhere else in the industry. Kart Trax has partnered with the best providers of equipment, spare parts and operational support services, enabling you to recognize the cost benefits of economies of scale.

4. Blue Shock Franchise Track

The Blue Shock Race Franchise Track is the most efficient and smallest e – kart track and its operating system with an optimal investment. The BSR19 e – karts have been designed from the scratch as a specialized solution to achieve the dynamics of sports kart, the advantages of e – kart and above all, there is no need to wait while they are charging.

All thanks to the unique Quick Swap Battery Technology, the smallest and most powerful battery in the go – kart market that can be charged separately from the kart. Note there are no franchise fees or other hidden commissions charged on the hall revenue.

5. Urban Air Adventure Parks

The Urban Air opportunity is renowned as one the highest Auk’s and earnings potential in the family entertainment industry. Contact the company today to learn more about the opportunity to own and operate the Nation’s Leading Indoor entertainment park. The franchise offers single, multiple and remote franchise ownership with two business in one.

You can learn more today about this first in class, fun, safe and rewarding franchise opportunity by visiting the company’s website. Urban Air Adventure Parks are nationally recognized and growing every day. Urban Air is ranked #1 in the Family Entertainment category of the 2022 Entrepreneur Magazines Franchise 500 and #80 overall in the top 500 franchises.

6. Andretti Karting and Games

Andretti Karting and Games offer more than just the thrill of awesome go karting. There are tons of games, rides, and excitement – filled activities waiting for any willing entrepreneur, all under one roof! This franchise takes adventure activities to new heights, with zip lining, rock climbing, and a rope obstacle course where a client can conquer fears and master skills.

From the full – immersion experience of the Dark Ride Motion Theatre to both the classic and latest in arcade gaming, there really is something for everyone. Coupled with all these are some of the freshest and tastiest food at Andretti Grill and the full service bar at Skybar and you’ve got everything you need for a great time.

7. Autobahn Indoor Speedway

Autobahn Indoor Speedway’s custom – designed indoor go – karting tracks offer racers the premiere indoor karting experience. Note that once you ride these powerful Italian electric pro – karts on the company’s Grand Prix – style track, which are completely protected by the best and safest advanced racing barrier system available, you’ll know why Autobahn is one of the top indoor go kart franchises in the United States.

Even if you’re challenging your own fastest lap or competing against your friends, partner or family, all high – speed indoor race tracks are built to thrill. Each location features state – of – the – art computerized timing system, enabling the company to declare fastest laps down to hundredths of a second. Then, receive a printout of your lap times and keep an eye on your record online.

8. K1 Speed Karting

This company presently offers 29 locations spread throughout the United States, and they are constantly looking to expand the reach of their indoor karting centres to meet the needs of their devoted clientele.  Nonetheless, if you have never experienced the thrill and excitement of indoor go kart racing, then you owe it to yourself to visit your nearest K1 Speed – the company is well confident that you will not be disappointed! In fact, don’t be surprised if your customers become hooked!

9. MB2 Raceway Indoor Kart Racing

MB2 Raceway provides corporations, companies, and small businesses with full fun options for corporate events. They boast of being the perfect solution for companies looking to inspire their employees and colleagues with a team building atmosphere that is unforgettable.

At MB2 Raceway, every team is provided with an event host that helps them plan that special party, group lounge session, team building events, and that next event full of fun, safety and speeds up to 45 MPH, with the company’s outstanding Experience Guarantee your business is sure to gain the momentum needed to make this party with having.

10. Pole Position Raceway

Pole Position Raceways offers real head – to – head indoor go kart racing. Customers are asked to come discover why indoor go karting is the fastest – growing sport in the United States. And, if you have ever thought about owning your own business and being your own boss, then make sure to check out P2R Karting, Inc. that offers opportunities for the Pole Position Raceway brand of electric go kart tracks.

This opportunity is the ultimate form on indoor motorsports entertainment for the entire family, and they have go kart racing tracks from coast to coast with more in the development stages.

All go kart tracks have entertained millions of racers around the world who are looking for an adrenalin rush, and no one does it better. Pole Position Raceway has taken this fast – paced thrill sport to a new level that has made it more appealing to a wider dynamic range of customers.

11. RPM Raceway

At RPM Raceway indoor go kart tracks, everyone enjoys that high – RPM experience. Drive go – karts that introduce clients to the craft of real racing. Cut corners on tracks designed off formula speedways. No license required. No experience needed. Every racing champion started in a go – kart. Anyone can grab a helmet, buckle up, and let the race begin.

12. The Track Family Fun Parks

Note that the Track Family Fun Parks feature the Southeast’s premier go – karting and family fun centres including The Track Family Fun Parks in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee; Gulf Shores, Alabama.; Destin, Florida.; and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; as well as Fat Daddy’s Arcades in Destin, Florida.; Fort Walton Beach, Florida.; and Orange Beach, Alabama.

Each of the company’s five parks feature The Track’s signature three and a half story elevated go – kart ride along with a vibrant line up of family attractions ranging from family go – kart tracks to miniature golf courses, Kids Country rides and more.

13. On Track Karting

They are better known for offering high performance indoor racing for adults and juniors! It’s a true motor sports experience and it’s all indoors! Presently, On Track Karting offers two great locations (the original in Wallingford and the newest location in Brookfield) and some of the longest and fastest indoor kart tracks in the country.

Note that with these high – performance karting for adults (15+) and juniors (7 – 14 and at least 48″ tall), the company offer high – speed family fun. The company is looking to expand into other United States market, and are willing to listen to offers.

14. Premier Amusement Developers

Premier Amusement Developers was established by three individuals with diverse backgrounds in the amusement industry. They are a group of highly experienced amusement development professionals and can help you with your amusement design, construction and business planning process.

These experts will answer your questions, solve your problems and help you avoid costly mistakes. They are very passionate about what they do and their 50+ years of combined industry experience can provide the key ingredients for a recipe that will ensure that your go kart business will be successful.

All these businesses mentioned above are not necessarily franchises, but they offer business owning opportunities and models to prospective go – kart business owners in the United States.