According to reports, a cruise planner’s commission could be approximately $6,447,000 in gross turnover. A single cruise planner franchise company can earn $58,000 per year and $28 an hour. The profit is about 3% below the national average for all franchise owners, at $60,000 per year.

It is imperative to note that profit may vary, depending on different factors. Cruise planner is a travel agency that provides profitable assistance for touring the globe, by both land and sea. It is an American travel firm that offers high-quality customer experience at reasonable prices to meet all the necessities while transiting.

Michelle Fee, Lynn Korn, and Marvin Davis established cruise planners in 1994. Michelle, on the other hand, deserves recognition for the cruiser planner’s success. Currently, cruise planner has over 2500 locations, and is among the country’s biggest home-based travel franchises.

They provide franchise prospects to entrepreneurs who wish to engage in the tourism business, and they rarely necessitate past knowledge of the tourism industry. The franchisee reimburses cruise planners a royalty spanning from 1% to 3% of total receivable revenues. Note that there are no restrictions on who can purchase a cruise planner franchise.

Franchise policy is adaptable, and they add, offer mentoring, budgetary assistance, veterans special offers, and any other kinds of assistance you may need to manage your company. They are dedicated to consistently offering quality coaching, first-rate advertising, assistance, and cutting-edge resources to help franchisees conduct their businesses almost anywhere in the globe.

Factors Influencing Cruise Planners’ Franchise Owners’ Earnings

  1. Territory

Like several other franchises, cruise planners franchise owners traditionally procure the opportunity to enter and conduct business in a defined site or region. As a result, the competitive landscape in your neighborhood will almost influence your revenue as a business owner.

If yours is the 1st unit of a cruise planner franchise to start in an unfamiliar area, this might take some time to establish a standard customer base. Nonetheless, in the big scheme of things, you’ll be looking to fill a demand in the neighborhood with very few rivals, and can drive growth over time.

  1. Years of operation

It is worth noting that the cruise planners’ franchise owners with maximum pay have been successfully founded in their corresponding jurisdiction for years, and may possess multiple units.

Nonetheless, spending patterns will be shifted in subsequent years, and innovative expectations are popping up over everything, and as such starting a cruise planners franchise to satisfy an emerging necessity in your neighborhood may be a sure bet from the start.

  1. Overhead

Similar to other businesses, obtaining a cruise planners franchise comes with certain costs coupled with additional operating costs.

The expense of operating a cruise planners franchise encompasses purchasing inventory, funding wage bills, tax payments, loan payments, etc. Cruise Planners, like most home-based franchise opportunities, permit franchisees to consider their own real estate if they want, at an additional and notable cost.

  1. Business acumen

You must also recognize that perhaps the effectiveness of a cruise planner’s franchise is primarily dependent on the franchise owner. A cruise planner franchise owner with strong corporate qualifications and abilities involved in the business is more probable to generate revenue compared to someone who lacks such attributes.

Building, sustaining, and controlling a robust working population is an important aspect of possessing a financially viable cruise planners franchise.

  1. The number of units

Many cruise planners’ franchise owners begin with one unit; nevertheless, several wealthy owners still want to broaden or even enter into a contract with the business owner, to start a certain number of units within a particular period of time. Note that your revenue capability will rise if you operate numerous units in the future.


Cruise planners have been the American Express Travel (AET) brand’s number 1 cruise sales franchise, and are among the respected brands in the market. You might obtain worldwide recognition and connect directly to twice the number of group stock and promotional offers with the American Express Travel alliance.

You could also provide your customers with special equipment and travel initiatives. With a 25+ year history of franchising, the organization has built and refined tried-and-true processes and software for creating lucrative franchise owners.

The company is instrumental in the growth of its franchise owners. To assist franchise owners advertise more travel opportunities, they offer industry-leading software, award-winning advertising, capacity development, and individualized mentoring.