Do you want to start a gun range business by buying a franchise? If YES, here are 2 best shooting range franchise opportunities for sale and their cost. It is an established fact that these days people want to own firearms, thus making the sale of firearms to soar high. In 2016, an estimate of 28 million firearms were sold and gun ownership increased by 7% in the two years preceding it, and concealed handgun permits increased by 1.73 million.

The number of women with permits has increased twice as quickly as the number of men with permits. As target shooting becomes more popular as a sport, the American gun owner is looking for safe, clean and up-to-date facility that has friendly, knowledgeable staff. That is why they turn to gun shooting ranges. If you set up your gun shooting range business, it is a fact that you would not want for customers.

The reason is that some 18.4 million Americans currently participate in handgun target shooting and 14.8 million in rifle target shooting, an increase from 16.8 million and 13.9 million respectively. Instead of setting up your own gun shooting range business, you can make things easier by buying the franchise of an already popular shooting range in the . We have listed out a few for you.

2 Best Gun Shooting Range Franchise Opportunities for Sale and Their Cost

  1. Hammer Down Range

Hammer Down Range is a gun shooting range business that offer a gun shooting range, shooting classes as well as a gift shop where you can access gift cards for family and friends. Firearms owners have increased over the last few years and it is not going to stop.

With this movement, the company is putting forth effort in growing their in and out of state. So if you are interested in building your own range and need know how, they are here to help you get you want you need.

Financial Requirements

  1. THOR Global Defense Group

THOR Global Defense Group is an Elite Shooting Range and Gun Club Business that is situated in the United States. In direct response to the increased demand for enhanced security procedures, advanced equipment and training which was created by the events following 2001, THOR Global Defense Group was created by President & CEO Larry R. Knesek.

Designed to serve clients with high standards and special requirements, THOR provides professional support and supply in an extremely effective manner.

THOR Global Defense Group is committed to providing the operational equipment and services needed to complete any mission. They achieve this by providing top quality operational equipment as well as the most advanced weapons, supplies and support. With years of combined experience in all fields of service, their capable support staff is provides quality solutions for clients in a quick, efficient and economic manner.

THOR Global Defense Group provides excellent opportunities for franchise offices located outside the continental United States. They are always seeking capable individuals to expand their business and business processes. Applicants should have assets and capital capable of establishing a suitable office in the agreed location and have a working knowledge of the firearms and defense industries. You should contact the company if you want to buy their franchise.