Do you want to start a football business by buying a franchise? If YES, here are 8 best football coaching franchise opportunities for sale and their cost. According to industry reports, the general sports coaching industry that football coaching is part of is a $8 billion business. From 2012 to 2017, this industry which is made up of more than 130,000 businesses, experienced 3 percent annual growth.

Industry experts expect the sports coaching field to continue performing well in the years to come because of the growing participation in sports for health benefits as well as to offset the high cost of college tuition through sports scholarships. Sports camps and academies are growing as parents seek sports coaches and programs to help their children stay active.

You can actually launch your football coaching business by franchising. Franchising is a way of doing business and it generally involves using another person’s . Owning a franchise usually allows you to use and/or distribute the products, techniques, and trademarks of the franchisor, for a royalty fee. The franchisor usually offers support services, such as training, national or international advertising, marketing tools and other services.

The truth is that a good franchise system creates an interdependence between the franchisor and the franchisee, so that to prosper, each party must fulfill their obligations and duties set out in the franchise agreement. If you are interested in starting a football coaching academy, here are some of the best industry franchises to buy in the of America.

8 Best Football Coaching Franchise Opportunities for Sale and Their Cost

  1. Coerver® Coaching

Coerver® Coaching is a global football coaching program inspired by the teachings of Wiel Coerver and created in 1984 by Alfred Galustian, Chelsea great and Charlie Cooke. Coerver Coaching is recognized as the World’s Number one Skills teaching method and it offers a proven and successful system in coaching. The Coerver brand  has been built up in over 30+ years in over 40+ countries.

Coerver® Coaching Franchising program is perfect for business people that want to get into football and football people that want to get into business. The Coerver® Coaching Franchising system is a premium coaching business that provides an unrivalled level of support for franchisees, from a coaching and business perspective.

It is designed for all levels of coaches, from beginner to advanced, teachers or parents, to give them a greater understanding of how to plan & deliver more effective coaching sessions based on the Coerver® Coaching Philosophy.

  1. Kiddikicks

Kiddikicks will help you start your coaching career in football or be The Manager.  The founders have spent the last decade fine tuning the business so coaches can spend more time out in the field. Whether you plan to be The Coach or The Manager, their systems will get you up and running with the best chances of success.

At Kiddikicks they are always looking for ambitious people who have that same desire to positively impact children in their town, who want to be part of the Kixx family, share the same values and to fast track their own success.

If you are a regular person who wants to run their own business part-time or full-time and are passionate about one or a combination of the following; children, family health, fitness, teaching, coaching, football, marketing and business, Kiddikicks would like to hear from you.

They have new territories and starter territories available for purchase. If you are interested in buying the franchise of Kiddikicks, you can contact them via their website.

  1. All Star Football Academy

All Star football Academy has a business model that is successful, tried and tested and for the right people. When they started thinking about franchising their business, they took professional advice to ensure that their business model was suitable for expansion via franchising.

All Star football Academy provides their franchisee’s with everything they need to start their franchise business. Please note that in order to get started you must have the funds to invest (about £5,000) and be able to pass the governments DBS criteria.

  1. BEST Academy

Beginner 2 Elite Soccer Training (BEST) Academy has been set up by experienced youth football coach Richard Murphy- formerly of Raith Rovers FC, Cowdenbeath FC & Livingston FC as well as head of youth at Salvesen Community Football Club in Edinburgh. Richard also has significant experience & knowledge in running, managing & developing businesses with turnover in excess of £1m per annum.

BEST Academy is looking for coaches with experience in providing top quality coaching to children of all ages and abilities. They are currently offering ambitious coaches the opportunity to run their own BEST Academy franchises all over the uk and perhaps the United States of America.

All franchisees will receive expert support and advice from BEST Academy. They take care of all financial responsibilities (including your P&L accounts, KPI’s & SMART objectives) allowing you to focus on running and developing your coaching operation. If you are interested in buying the franchise of BEST Academy, you can contact them via their website to know how to go about it.

  1. First Steps Soccer

A First Steps Soccer franchise business offers the opportunity of a career in football coaching, delivering fun, fast moving soccer skills classes that aim to develop young children into highly competent, skillful footballers, who love the game, and are great to watch. First Steps Soccer was started in Bristol back in 2006 with the primary aim of developing children as footballers and individuals capable of expressing themselves on the football pitch.

Children develop physically, psychologically and socially as a result of their programme, and become highly skilful, confident footballers when they follow and utilize the unique FSS Package. First Steps Soccer classes are aimed at 2 to 9 year old with a passion for football and a willingness to progress.

The success, popularity and growth of First Steps Soccer demonstrates the quality of their programme, and the excellence of their coaches, who work so hard to consistently deliver high class coaching sessions, backed up by their world class syllabus, and support materials.

If you are interested in buying the franchise of First Steps Soccer, you can contact them via their website to know how to go about it.

  1. Jack Collison Soccer School

Jack Collison soccer school offers football coaching to all ages, genders and abilities. They aim to provide professional football coaching at the grassroots level. Improve your game and become part of Jack Collison soccer school with their football camps and sessions.

As a franchisee you will have the opportunity to build and run your own successful business in your own area, with the training, support and experience of an established and experienced business. Jack Collison Soccer School has a successful and proven formula and they will assist where required on how to set-up your business, market your products, manage staff and deliver your sessions to clients.

Our sessions follow our very own Jack Collison Soccer School Syllabus – that’s why they are so successful. They will teach you the methods we use to deliver the perfect experience for all the players your business will work with. If you are interested in buying the franchise of Jack Collison Soccer School, you can contact them via their website to know how to go about it.

  1. English Soccer School (ESS)

English Soccer School (ESS) provides an education/soccer franchise business opportunity throughout the world within the education industry. It is a British Football Franchise that is hugely successful in the UK, Singapore, Indonesia and soon Malaysia and india.

The English Soccer School aims to provide the very best in soccer coaching and learning skills to provide globally minded confident children using soccer as a tool. Not only are their coaches’ professional English FA & UEFA qualified, they also work as teachers and have the experience and skills that help children learn in an effective way, in a fun environment.

Exciting opportunities are now available for suitably motivated people to become an affiliate partner with the English Soccer School. The English Soccer School specializes in providing a range of soccer activities and education skills and events for children between the ages of 3 – 17 years.

The long term goal of ESS is to give its participants positive experiences of sport through a fun and engaging experience that will increase their chances of a more sustainable active lifestyle as well as to teach quality essential learning skills and life-long skills alongside soccer activities to develop confidence, social intelligence, independence, decision making and concentration and of course football skills for both boys and girls.

Financial Requirements

  • Costs starting at $3,500 USD to $150,000 USD
  • Single Location Franchise or License (3,500 – 8,000 USD)
  • Franchise or License (8,000 – 18,000 USD)
  • Area Developer Franchise (18, 000 – 40, 000 USD)
  • Master Franchise (40, 000 – 150, 000 USD)
  1. Challenger Sports

Challenger Sports is one of the largest Soccer Coaching Companies in the World. Since 1985, Challenger Sports has been positively engaging children in soccer all across the globe; this website explains how you can join the family and set up your own coaching business anywhere in the world.

In October 2009, Challenger Sports acquired TetraBrazil Soccer Academy. Originally based out of Rio de Janeiro, this program has been providing unique Brazilian style coaching to players in the US for over 10 years, since then it has grown further through franchising globally as TetraBrazil soccer programs now operate in various parts of the world. ​

The following year in 2010, Challenger Sports enhanced its already popular soccer camp program by enlisting the support of specialist childcare professionals to create a bespoke pre-school program. If you are interested in buying the franchise of Challenger Sports, you can contact them via their website to know how to go about it.