The fact that education is part of our existence as human beings make the education industry a highly thriving and profitable industry. In many countries, education is compulsory for every child of school age. The government of most countries in a bid to advance their country ensures that they invest massively in the education sector and equally encourage private investment in the sector.

Some even go as far as providing free education to their citizens from primary school to the tertiary level. The franchise opportunities in the education industry are massive and any entrepreneur who is serious about making money can leverage the opportunities available in the industry.

If you can secure the right education franchise, you will be amazed at how profitable the business can be. Having said that, here are the top education franchises to buy in the United States of America.

Best Education Franchise Opportunities

  1. Abrakadoodle

Abrakadoodle was founded in 2002 and has delivered the best in visual arts classes for kids, summer art camps, holiday art camps, art parties, and art events. It serves more than one million children in schools, community sites, and Abrakadoodle art studios. Abrakadoodle is rapidly expanding and has grown more than 50 percent since 2013 with 42 U.S. franchises and 178 outside the U.S.

Financial Requirement and Info
  • Number of Franchise Units – 222
  • Investment Range – $37,000-80,000.
  1. Amazing Athletes

Amazing Athletes provides a year-round, structured curriculum that introduces children to nine different ball sports and helps them master seven key areas of motor development. Through this program, children can learn to identify different muscles and the purpose of vitamins and minerals in fruits and veggies.

Amazing Athletes has seen steady growth since the beginning and currently has 95 U.S. franchises. The brand has also received a considerable amount of awards and has been named in Entrepreneur’s Top 500 list 7 years in a row.

Financial Requirement and Info
  • Number of Franchise Units – 95
  • Investment Range – $39,000 – $52,000.
  1. Above Grade Level

Above Grade Level provides in-home supplemental tutoring in all academic subjects, however, they specialize in the most in-demand subjects; Mathematics, English, and Standardized Test Prep.

This is an opportunity to work from home, with a flexible schedule, organizing one-to-one tutoring that takes place in the student’s home. This opportunity is for the individual who enjoys working with people and helping students to reach their potential through education.

Financial Requirement
  • Total start-up cost varies between $40,000 and $55,000 plus working capital.
  1. Brainy Bytes

Since 2010, Brainy Bytes has introduced thousands of children to technology with fun and innovative lesson plans that can’t be found anywhere else. Their unique, technology-driven lesson plans focus not only on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) but also on language and creative arts.

Brainy Bytes was born out of a passion to provide children with fun and exciting ways to learn, create and invent in the world of technology. Their goal is to make a difference in the lives of their licensees, the students they teach, and their communities.

Financial Requirements and Info
  • Available Locations – Licensee opportunities available across the United States.
  • Minimum Cash Required – $20,000
  • Veterans – 10% licensee fee discount.
  1. British Swim School

British Swim School is a swim school that is dedicated to teaching water survival for 35 years. The brand’s specialty is teaching beginners of all age groups how to swim in a gradual, gentle, and fun process. British Swim School started franchising in 2011 and has doubled in size since 2015.

The brand has also increased its number of swim lessons per year from 280,000 to around 370,000. There are now nearly 45 franchises open in 14 states and one in Turkey. The brand hopes to grow the company by nearly 30 percent by signing 30 new franchises.

Financial Requirement and Info
  • Number of Franchise Units – 46
  • Investment Range – $82,000 – $127,000
  1. Big Blue Swim School

Big Blue Swim School has given hundreds of thousands of swim lessons to families, encouraging kids to have a big moment in every class. Their goal is to encourage transformation in children – to go from the development of swim skills (stroke, breath, movement) to the development of life skills (courage, perseverance, hard work).

Big Blue Swim School focuses on creating Big Moments for children aged six months to 12 years in a safe and fun environment through one-on-one training with qualified instructors.

Financial Requirement
  • Minimum Cash Required – $28,000
  • Veterans – They offer a 10% discount on the franchise fee to qualified military veterans.
  1. Bricks 4 Kidz

Bricks 4 Kidz offers fun, hands-on programs where children can learn and play with LEGO Bricks. Created by engineers and architects, children experience the hands-on fun of model-building from concept to completion. They are also taught the fundamentals of S.T.E.M and activities that engage their curiosity and creativity.

There are currently around 500 locations in the U.S. and 163 outside the U.S. Bricks 4 Kidz is an extremely fast-growing company and was recently ranked #79 in Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 list.

Financial Requirement and Info
  • Number of Franchise Units – 661
  • Investment Range – $34,000 – $52,000.
  1. Best in Class

Best in Class is a franchise with a top-of-the-line education enrichment program. The brand offers both supplemental and remedial education in subjects like math and English. In the first half of 2016, Best in Class signed 11 deals for new franchise units.

The brand is expected to close out the year with 12 more positioning Best in Class to meet or exceed the goal of 20 agreements by year-end. These strategic growth efforts have earned Best in Class a coveted spot on this year’s Inc. 5000 list.

Financial Requirement and Info
  • Number of Franchise Units – 34
  • Investment Range – $61,000 – $99,000
  1. Challenge Island

Challenge Island is a one-of-a-kind enrichment program on the cutting edge of S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) Education and 21st Century Learning. Their unique collaborative learning approach simultaneously addresses the needs of both the child of today and the adult of the future.

Challenge Island’s popular programming is known to fill in a flash. The organization’s proprietary curriculum has earned them countless accolades from schools, teachers, parents, and kids alike. They offer a proven franchise model, an exciting service, and a rewarding business to own.

Financial Requirements
  • Minimum Cash Required – $39,900
  • Financing Assistance – Yes, through a third party.
  • Veterans – They offer a 10% discount on the initial franchise fee to qualified military veterans.
  1. College Nannies and Tutors

College Nannies and Tutors is a business that leverages the help of college students, professional tutors, and caregivers in the community. Since 2001, they have built local professional teams across the country who’ve helped thousands of busy parents carve out time for themselves. And with over 74 million children aged 18 and younger, the marketplace is perfect for their services.

The company currently has open opportunities in every major market around the country and is specifically interested in finding franchisees who are open to multi-unit developments.

Financial Requirement
  • The initial franchise fee is $39,500.
  1. Club Z! In-Home Tutoring Services

Club Z! Tutoring is the nation’s premiere in-home tutoring, and test preparation franchise system. It offers a major benefit to its franchise owners through online tutoring and test-prep services.

These programs provide additional revenue without requiring additional work, because the Club Z! corporate headquarters handles everything from tutor recruitment and placement, to billing and customer service. And in return, Club Z! franchisees receive anywhere from 50 to 80 percent of the profits, depending on the program.

Club Z! offers a full suite of online tutoring and test preparation programs, ranging from one-on-one lessons in all subjects, grades pre-K through adult, to weekend SAT and ACT classes, online test prep diagnostics, on-demand homework help, and a brand-new online Summer Reading Camp. All these exciting programs are designed to help increase sales revenue for its growing network of franchisees.

Financial Requirements and Info
  • Available Locations – Single, multi-unit, area developers opportunities available in the US only. Excludes MI, ND, SD.
  • Minimum Cash Required – $30,000
  • Financing Assistance – Yes, through a third party.
  • SBA Approved – Yes
  • Veterans – Up to 10% off franchise fee
  • Financing Available – There may be some excellent funding options for individuals with credit scores of 700+. Funding through 401K, Visa + MC.
  1. Ducklings Early Learning Center

Over its twenty years of operation, Ducklings has honed the art of childcare management into a successful and approachable business model. Through self-evaluation and analyzing market responsiveness, Ducklings Early Learning Center has discovered a perfect fit in childcare center size and arrangement. When paired with their curriculum and philosophy, Ducklings sets the standard for childcare in today’s market.

Owning a Ducklings location means making a difference in the lives of families and some very important little people. Franchisees are given tried and true assets. Ducklings Early Learning Center wants every child to have a great start and they give you what you need, to get them there.

  1. Engineering For Kids

Engineering For Kids brings science, technology, engineering, and math to kids aged 4 to 14 through classes, camps, clubs, and parties. The brand began franchising in 2011 as a way to spread the program across the country. Engineering For Kids currently offers more than 300 lessons in 19 different curricular enrichment classes with more than 140 franchises in 19 countries. Current plans are to open 25 new franchises each year.

Financial Requirement and Info
  • Number of Franchise Units – 153
  • Investment Range – $27,000 – $93,000
  1. Tierra Encantada

Tierra Encantada is a warm, community-oriented Spanish immersion educational program that provides care for children 6 weeks through 6 years of age. Their program has received 4 stars from Parent Aware – the highest possible – due to the organization’s high-quality language immersion curriculum and dedication to focusing on the growth of the whole child.

At Tierra Encantada, they set both their families and their franchise partners up for success. Families enjoy a high-quality Spanish immersion education that gives their children a leg up as they learn and grow. Children blossom in Tierra Encatada’s warm, caring learning environment that fosters their natural curiosity.

Franchise partners get the opportunity to own a business that they not only make a living from but feel proud to be a part of. Partners feel confident knowing childcare is a growing market, and Tierra Encantada’s niche is at the forefront of where that market is going.

Financial Requirements
  • Available Locations – Single, Multi-Unit Opportunities Available in All States. Excluding Hawaii.
  • Minimum Cash Required – $178,000
  • SBA Approved – Yes
  • Veterans – 10% off the franchise fee.
  1. STEM for Kids®

STEM for Kids®, recognized as Entrepreneur Magazine’s 2018 and 2017 hot new franchise, provides educational enrichment in Bio-medicine, Computer Programming / Coding, Robotics, Engineering, and Entrepreneurship for children ages 4-14 through camps, after school programs, in-school field trips, and classes.

STEM for Kids® business model and curricula are born in the industry and developed in-house to maximize real-world connections and educational alignment while providing fun-based learning experiences.

Financial Requirements
  • Available Locations – Single, multi-unit opportunities currently available across the United States.
  • Minimum Cash Required – $20,000
  • Financing Assistance – Yes, through a third party.
  • SBA Approved – Yes
  1. School of Rock

With more than a decade of experience and over 170 schools throughout North and South America, Africa, and the Asia Pacific, School of Rock is the leader in performance-based after-school music education. Students learn from professional musicians in an interactive environment combining weekly one-on-one lessons with structured group rehearsals culminating in a live performance in front of real crowds in real rock venues.

School of Rock helps kids have a blast as they figure out who they are and develop the tools they need to rock productive lives. Their owners and staff feel incredibly fulfilled by the impact they’re having on kids and their communities. By developing cool people and contributing to the arts, School of Rock has changed music education in many positive ways.

Financial Requirements
  • Available Locations – Single, multi-unit opportunities available in the US & Canada.
  • Minimum Cash Required – $100,000
  • SBA Approved – Yes
  • Veterans – They offer a 10% discount on the initial franchise fee for qualified Veterans.
  1. Ivybrook Academy

Ivybrook Academy is a progressive, discovery-based half-day pre-school franchise designed to create a lifelong love of learning, making Ivybrook Academy one of the best schools in the country and one of the best places to be a business owner.

For their students, Ivybrook Academy’s proprietary and copyrighted curriculum focus on a multifaceted educational approach based on aspects of Montessori, Reggio Emilia, and Howard Gardener’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences. Pulling from different teaching theories allows Ivybrook Academy to meet the child’s individual academic and social needs, unlike any other school.

Financial Requirements
  • Minimum Cash Required – $150,000
  • Financing Assistance – Yes, through a third party.
  • SBA Approved – Yes
  1. iKids U®

iKids U® is a Children’s after-school franchise that truly makes a positive impact. Since 2007, their mission has been to take after-school to the next level, with exceptional standards, streamlined on-site service at local schools, and excellent staff-to-student ratios. Their all-inclusive programs feature a wide variety of supplemental educational, creative, and recreational activities that kids love.

The iKids U® after-school program provides hands-on activities in a safe, constructive environment led by experienced and qualified staff members. Best of all, their kids’ franchise model is designed to work well with all types of school settings, family dynamics, and children’s interests.

Financial Requirements
  • Available Locations – Opportunities currently available across the United States.
  • Minimum Cash Required – $50,000
  • Financing Assistance – Yes, through a third party.
  • SBA Approved – Yes
  • Veterans – 10% reduction of the $45,000 Franchise fee
  1. LearningRx

LearningRx is one of the top educational and child brain training franchises in the nation. Their programs are designed to target weak cognitive skills and help anyone from age 4 to 94 achieve life-changing results. Their goal is to ensure that people of all ages can receive the help they need to train their brains, get smarter, and be successful in the classroom, as well as in life.

LearningRx franchises are owned and operated by individuals from all across the professional spectrum, from audiologists to psychologists, entrepreneurs to moms and dads with kids of their own.

Financial Requirements
  • Available Locations – Single-unit, multi-unit opportunities available in the United States.
  • Minimum Cash Required – $75,000
  • Financing Assistance – Yes, through a third party.
  • SBA Approved – Yes
  1. Songs for Seeds

Songs for Seeds is much more than just a music class! Songs for Seeds is a way for young children to learn through play! It’s a way to engage kids while laying the foundation of early childhood education through musical activities! It’s a place for children to enhance their creativity while developing their imaginative, physical, cognitive, and emotional strength.

With a live band and a modern approach, Songs for Seeds Franchise Owners have been able to take advantage of an industry that has been stagnant for years. With over 100 weeks’ worth of lessons, the Franchise Owners can provide a service that keeps each class new and exciting.

Financial Requirement

Minimum Cash Required – $70,000

Steps on How to Open an Education Franchise

If you are interested in buying an education franchise, here are the basic steps to follow;

  1. Carry Out Extensive Research

The first thing to do after you have decided to buy an education franchise is to make sure you carry out extensive research about the industry and also about the location you have in mind.

Your research will help you analyze the pros and cons associated with investing in an education franchise, and as well help you select the education franchise that best suits your business vision and available capital. Please note that there are different niches and types of education franchises, so take your time to research the brand that will work best for you.

  1. Go Through the Franchise Requirements

When it comes to franchising, there are different requirements – some of the requirements might be favorable to you and some might not. A key step you must not ignore when you want to buy an education franchise is to go through the franchise requirements.

Franchisors usually set up requirements to ensure they only work with people who are willing to abide by their business culture and concepts. Some of the requirements include liquid assets, management experience, and credit score. Also, ensure you have certain personal and management skills as they will help you along the way.

  1. Contact the Education Franchise

You now have to make contact with the education franchise you have chosen. When it comes to contacting the franchise, you can visit their office, send them an email, call them or send them a text message. You can also visit the franchise’s website or you can submit a preliminary application online to request an interview.

Remember that during the application and interview process, you should be interviewing the franchisor just as much as they will be interviewing you to guarantee it’s a mutual fit. Once you scale through this phase, the franchisor will share the franchise agreement.

This is a document that includes the FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document). It is advisable you do not review this document alone. Ensure you enlist the services of an attorney, and if the terms are considerable and good, you can go on to sign the document.

  1. Draft Your Business Plan

The fact that you are buying a franchise doesn’t mean that you won’t have your own business plan. It is advisable to put together a good business plan that clearly states how you intend to launch and grow your business. A good business plan will contain certain key elements that are critical to the success of your business.

Also make sure you include information like; marketing strategies, expected costs, how many people you plan to hire, what your position in the franchise will be, financial projections, and more. One very good thing about opening an education franchise instead of starting from scratch is that you can also obtain information for your business plan directly from the franchisor or franchise agreement.

  1. Secure Adequate Funding

Another important step that you should consider when buying an education franchise is funding. You know that without adequate funding, you cannot buy a franchise. The total cost of buying a franchise usually depends on the exact brand you decide to invest with.

While a good number of franchisors will make financial assistance available, this isn’t always the case. However, aside from the initial startup costs of your franchise, ensure you have adequate funds to run your business, at least before it reaches the break-even point.

  1. Choose a Good Location

When it comes to education franchises, your choice of location will massively impact the success of your business. You are advised to choose a location that is convenient and easily accessible. Since you are looking forward to making profits from the franchise, make sure you chose a location with high demography of students.

While some franchisors will give you autonomy when it comes to choosing your location, others may give you some requirements or even choose the location themselves. Nonetheless, just make sure you consider a location where you can easily gain a fair market share.

  1. Meet with the Company’s Affiliates or Partners

Once you have done all that is stated above, the next step is to meet the company’s affiliates or partners. You can get in touch with the marketing department of the franchising company to get assistance in the marketing and promotion of your franchise.

They will help you to execute cost-effective promotional techniques which in turn will make your education franchise name known in the locality. The truth is that most franchisors have standards when it comes to the type of building to operate their franchise, so you should meet with them to agree on aspects of the contract that will favor both parties.

  1. Build Your Team

Once you have a suitable location and all the required approval to start your education franchise, you will need to start hiring so you can begin operations. You will need to hire your head of school, school administrator, receptionist, teachers, librarian, lab assistants, security guards, and more.

The fact that you bought a successful franchise doesn’t automatically translate to success for you, so you must make sure you get it right when hiring your team. With the right team and the right education franchise, you can be rest assured that you will break even within the shortest time frame.

  1. Organize a Grand Opening

Lastly, once you have successfully gone through the rigors of buying an education franchise, then you should organize a grand opening for the business. As a matter of fact, in recent times, no business opens its door for business without first organizing an opening party to officially launch the business.

You can choose to do a soft opening if you are operating on a low budget or you can go for a grand opening party. With a proper launching of the education business, you will officially inform people in your city that your school or whatever education niche you are operating is open for business.

More Franchise Opportunities You Can Open in your City

  1. Mathnasium

A Mathnasium franchise delivers a great balance between investment and opportunity. They provide students with a solid math foundation they will build upon forever. They do this through the Mathnasium Method™, a highly individualized approach with a proven curriculum, honed over decades of experience.

Mathnasium provides the best math education expertise with proven instructional techniques. Thousands of testimonials from parents and children illustrate the difference they make in their lives and in their communities.

Financial Requirement
  • Minimum Cash Required – $112,750
  • SBA Approved – Yes
  1. Little Medical School

The Little Medical School knows that children love to dress up and pretend to be doctors, nurses, and other medical staff. That is why they create amazing programs that allow children to indulge in these games while also teaching them all about the real medicine and science behind the jobs.

Little Medical School is a mobile business you can operate out of your home. Their Franchise model allows franchisees to keep their overhead low by starting the franchise from their home. Franchisees and their instructors travel to schools, community centers, and a large number of venues to offer their unique after-school programs.

Financial Requirements and Info
  • Available Locations – They are seeking Master franchise units worldwide and single and multi-unit operators in the United States.
  • Minimum Cash Required – $20,000
  • Veterans – 10% of the franchise fee.
  1. Made Sewing

Seven years ago, Carisa Brunner had a vision — to introduce the fine art of sewing to children and adults. Knowing that this skill is no longer taught in the schools but believing that children and adults would want to learn such a skill, she launched MADE SEWING in Seattle, WA.

Today, Carisa offers her after-school classes in 35 schools and other locations and has thousands of kids participating in her classes, camps, and birthday parties. They are now expanding to bring their exciting opportunity to markets across the United States.

Financial Requirement and Info
  • Minimum Cash Required – $50,000
  • Financing Assistance – Yes, through a third party.
  • Veterans – 10% discount off the franchise fee.
  1. Kinderdance® International

Kinderdance® provides developmental dance, gymnastics, yoga, and fitness programs for young children. Franchising for over 40 years, Kinderdance is the fastest-growing children’s franchise in the world.

Dance, gymnastics, movement, yoga, fitness, motor skills, education, and fun are the building blocks of Kinderdance. Their educational-based dance and movement programs inspire children’s imagination and help reinforce S.T.E.M. principles encouraging problem solving and creative thinking.

Financial Requirements and Info
  • Available Locations – Franchises are available throughout the US and internationally in many countries. Master franchises available.
  • Minimum Cash Required – $5,000
  • Financing Assistance – Yes, from the company.
  • SBA Approved – Yes
  • Veterans – 10% off the Franchise Fee
  • Educators & Teachers – 10% off the Franchise Fee (Discounts not combinable with Veteran’s offer)
  1. Flour Power Kids Cooking Studios

In 2008, Susan Caldwell began teaching cooking classes at her home in Raleigh, NC to test out her idea of beginning a small, locally owned children’s cooking studio. It went so well she had to kick her family out of her house every weekend to teach classes and host parties! In 2009 Susan opened her first cooking studio.

In 2011, it had grown so much she moved into a studio twice the size and opened two kitchens to meet demand. A new studio opened in 2013, and from there Susan decided to franchise the company in 2015. The first franchise opened in 2016, six more followed in 2017 and now it’s your turn to taste the rewards of Flour Power.

Financial Requirement and Info
  • Minimum Cash Required – $75,000
  • Financing Assistance – Yes, through a third party.
  1. Snapology

SNAPOLOGY is a low-cost, home-based, mobile business teaching robotics and engineering principles through classes, camps, and parties. A Snapology franchise consists of a mixture of fun activities for children ages 1-14 using building toys and technology that combine play with education. Kids have so much fun in the classes and camp activities that they don’t even realize they’re learning.

When you purchase a Snapology franchise, they make setting up your own business a breeze. You will be able to offer camps, activities, and enrichment classes for children with your own mobile business based out of your own home. Starting your own Snapology franchise is affordable, flexible, and provides a great opportunity for success.

Financial Requirements and Info
  • Available Locations – Available throughout North America.
  • Minimum Cash Required – $20,000
  • Financing Assistance – Yes, through a third party.
  • SBA Approved – Yes
  • Veterans – 10% off of the Franchise Fee.
  • Educators – They offer a 10% discount for educators.
  1. Sylvan Learning

Sylvan Learning has more than 750 locations and is the nation’s leader in supplemental education and personal learning for students in grades K-12. Sylvan is constantly reinventing the brand’s model to ensure the company has the best educational programs, the best business model, are the leader in the market, and are a growing franchise brand. Sylvan also recently increased the new franchisee goal to 30 a year. In 2016, close to 50 were signed.

Financial Requirement
  • Number of Franchise Units – 750
  • Investment Range – $70,000 – $159,000
  1. Kumon Math & Reading Centers

Kumon Math & Reading Centers is a structured learning program that gives children critical thinking skills and the mindset to learn new materials independently. Kumon is the world’s largest after-school math and reading enrichment program with more than 300,000 students enrolled.

There are around 1,500 U.S. franchises and 24,000 outside of the U.S. In 2016, Entrepreneur ranked Kumon as the #1 Tutoring Service Franchise, #15 Top Global Franchise, and #40 on their Franchise 500 list.

Financial Requirement and Info
  • Number of Franchise Units – 25,841
  • Investment Range – $69,000 – $140,000
  1. Eye Level Learning Centers

Eye Level Learning is a global leader in supplemental education and enrichment programs. The brand offers an innovative and effective teaching method with self-directed learning and individualized coaching at the core. Eye Level offers franchise opportunities in 22 countries and has served more than 22 million children. Right now, the brand has more than 200 U.S. franchises and close to 400 outside of the U.S. Just four years ago, there were only 157 U.S. units.

Financial Requirement and Info
  • Number of Franchise Units – 1,359
  • Investment Range – $68,000 – $135,000.
  1. Tutor Doctor

Tutor Doctor is revolutionizing the tutoring industry by utilizing a one-to-one tutoring approach for students from kindergarten to college in the comfort of their own homes. The company’s vision is to positively impact students and their families worldwide.

Tutor Doctor’s vision is coming true with the brand’s presence in 15 countries and more than 470 franchises worldwide. In 2015, Tutor Doctor was named the No. 1 In-Home Tutoring Franchise by Entrepreneur.

Financial Requirement ad Info
  • Number of Franchise Units: 476
  • Investment Range – $62,000 – $100,000
  1. Huntington Learning Centers

Huntington Learning Centers is a chain of educational service centers in the U.S. It is the oldest provider of supplemental educational services for primary and secondary students. Huntington has been accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools since 1996.

There are around 250 franchises in the U.S. with 35 owned by the company. Even though Huntington has fewer units than its competitors, the brand has longevity as the oldest national provider of supplemental education services for the K-12 market.

Financial Requirement and Info
  • Number of Franchise Units – 283
  • Investment Range – $96,000 – $200,000
  1. Young Rembrandts

Young Rembrandts is a recognized leader in art education. The brand uses a step-by-step drawing method that uses a one-of-a-kind, innovative art curriculum developed by a team of educators and artists. Educational children’s art classes, lessons, and drawing programs are offered to children aged 3 ½ to 12 years.

Young Rembrandt’s services more than 30,000 kids a week across the U.S. and Canada. The brand is consistently ranked in Entrepreneur 500 and is growing at a consistent rate with close to 90 U.S. franchises and 14 outside of the U.S.

Financial Requirement and Info
  • Number of Franchise Units – 103
  • Investment Range – $41,000 – $48,000
  1. Kiddie Academy

Kiddie Academy has been a leader in education-based child care for more than 30 years. The Academy offers full-time care, before and after-school programs, and summer camps. Each includes a curriculum, programs, methods, and activities to help prepare children for life. There are more than 157 U.S. locations in 24 states. Approximately 60 additional academies are in development.

Financial Requirement and Info
  • Number of Franchise Units – 158
  • Investment Range – $422,000 – $3,000,000
  1. Primrose School

Currently ranked #135 on Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500, Primrose is a national system of accredited private preschools that provide a premier early education and child care experience for children and families. There are currently more than 300 schools across the U.S., up from 299 in 2015. Primrose was recently named the third best franchise to buy greater than $500,000 by Forbes.

Financial Requirement and Info
  • Number of Franchise Units – 325
  • Investment Range – $677,000 – $5,700,000
  1. The Goddard School

The Goddard School is an early childhood preschool program used to promote children’s social and academic success in a private childcare setting. Headquartered in Pennsylvania, The Goddard School has more than 450 franchises and more than 50,000 students in 36 states.

The brand was recently named #1 Childcare Franchise in the U.S. by Entrepreneur for the fifteenth consecutive year and one of the Top 200 Franchise Systems by Franchise Times for the tenth consecutive year. By 2020, The Goddard School hopes to develop 150 new schools.

Financial Requirement and Info
  • Number of Franchise Units – 450
  • Investment Range – $610,000 – $725,000
  1. Lightbridge Academy

Lightbridge Academy is an early childhood education daycare and development center. The brand offers a curriculum for every stage of your child’s development from infancy to kindergarten. Lightbridge also offers summer camps for children older than kindergarten.

Since launching franchise opportunities in 2011, the brand has grown from a single location in New Jersey to more than 80 child care centers that are open or under development throughout Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Plans are now to grow to nearly 100 locations or more in 2017.

Financial Requirement and Info
  • Number of Franchise Units – 23
  • Investment Range – $500,000 – $680,000
  1. The Learning Experience

The Learning Experience is one of the nation’s fastest-growing Academies of early education for children aged 6 weeks to 5 years. A prominent focus is placed on programs that advance scholastic preparation and have three key educational and care principles: cognitive, physical, and social. In the past year, the brand has added 25 new franchises making the total 143 throughout the U.S.

Financial Requirement and Info
  • Number of Franchise Units – 143
  • Investment Range – $495,000 – $3,000,000
  1. Sandler Training

Entrepreneur Magazine identifies business coaching as one of the hottest trends in franchising. Sandler Training is the largest provider of sales, leadership, and customer service training in the world. It serves businesses of all sizes and offers continuous coaching, reinforcement, and support for sales professionals. Sandler Training started franchising 33 years ago and the brand now has 250 franchises worldwide and is ranked the #1 training franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine.

Financial Requirement and Info
  • Number of Franchise Units – 259
  • Investment Range – $91,000 – $108,000.
  1. Romp ‘n’ Roll

Romp n’ Roll offers a new approach to child development: the brand creates a whimsical wonderland of vivid colors and imaginative designs for early childhood classes, camps, and parties. The brand is redefining the education space by bringing together education and entertainment. Romp n’ Roll currently has more than 95 locations in multiple countries.

Financial Requirement and Info
  • Number of Franchise Units – 93
  • Investment Range – $199,000 – $286,000.
  1. Parisi Speed School

The Parisi Speed School is an athletically based training and education system being utilized by children and adults to enhance performance. More than 600,000 athletes of all ages have come through their doors, and by using proven techniques, the brand has produced more than 130 NFL draft picks and athletes who have competed in the NBA, MLB, NHL, and more.

There are more than 90 franchises in the U.S., and in 2016, Parisi Speed School added 5 outside of the U.S. The brand hopes to continue growing and expanding into other countries.

Financial Requirement and Info
  • Number of Franchise Units – 95
  • Investment Range – $86,000 – $127,000.
  1. Hobby Quest

Hobby Quest, established in 2013, is dedicated to providing quality, hands-on after-school enrichment programs to help children develop new interests, hobbies, and skills. Hobby Quest aims to develop budding creative designers, fashionistas, magicians, performers, artists, and photographers with the brand’s hands-on educational programming.

Having just recently launched franchising, within the first 8 months the brand sold 7 franchises and are continuing to grow. Hobby Quest currently offers hands-on educational programming to more than 300 schools throughout New York and New Jersey and helps more than 4,000 children each school year.

Financial Requirement and Info
  • Number of Franchise Units – 9
  • Investment Range – $38,000 – $53,000
  1. VINCI Academy

VINCI Academy is a business line of VINCI Education; a global company providing educational services to families with children from infants to school age. VINCI Academy is branded for all licensed businesses operating an educational facility delivering services to children from birth to kindergarten.

Blending Montessori with creative learning, powered by VINCI digital resources and progress management, VINCI Academy utilizes VINCI award-winning curriculum to provide a hands-on, individualized, STEM and Art infused learning environment for preschool and kindergarten children to maximize each child’s potential.

Through its owned, co-owned, and affiliated schools and learning centers, VINCI Education currently serves over 50,000 children and their families worldwide.

Financial Requirement and Info
  • Available Locations – Single and multi-unit opportunities available in the US and Canada.
  • Minimum Cash Required – $50,000
  • Financing Assistance – Yes, from the company.
  1. Seriously Addictive Mathematics

Seriously Addictive Mathematics (S.A.M) was established in 2010, and they are the world’s largest Singapore Math enrichment program for children aged four to 12 in 17 countries and have won awards from international business associations and parenting resources. S.A.M is based on Singapore Math – the global top-ranking curriculum according to international surveys TIMSS and PISA.

The curriculum is complemented with S.A.M’s two-pillared approach of Classroom Engagement and Worksheet Reinforcement and an individual learning plan tailored to each child. Through the coaching approach, hands-on activities, guided and independent practice, students develop interest and mastery in math, confidence, thinking skills, and good study habits.

Financial Requirement and Info
  • Available Locations – Single-unit, regional, and master franchise opportunities available in the US
  • Minimum Cash Required – $100,000
  1. iCode Computer Schools for Kids

iCode is a leading provider of STEAM-focused Education for kids and teens in the rapidly expanding Computer Science Education industry. iCode School helps prepare young minds for the technology of the 21st Century. They teach computer languages, programming, robotics, coding, and creative audio/visual arts to children in grades 3-12, after school, in-school, summer camps, boot camps, and hackathons.

Financial Requirement and Info
  • Minimum Cash Required – $100,000
  • Financing Assistance – Yes, through a third party.
  • SBA Approved – Yes
  1. Nutty Scientists®

Nutty Scientists® is the fastest growing children’s franchise in the world, with franchises operating in more than 50 countries on all continents. The organization has recently been ranked as the #1 Children’s Enrichment Franchise in the ‘Top 100 Franchises’ for 2019 by Franchise Gator and Entrepreneur magazine.

Entrepreneur magazine recommends Nutty Scientists® as one of the ‘Top 10 Franchises’ for the future. Nutty Scientists® is an active member of the NSTA and their curriculum is correlated with the next generation of Science Standards. Nutty Scientists® R&D department works hard to ensure they always stay ahead in the industry.

Financial Requirement
  • Minimum Cash Required – $28,000
  • Veterans – They offer a 10% discount on the franchise fee to qualified military veterans.
  1. Tutoring Club

Tutoring Club provides educational support for grade levels from pre-K through college prep. The company is looking for franchisees who are passionate about education and supporting their communities. As a mentor and educator, you play an active role in changing your community one student at a time. Tutoring Club provides the platform to partner with other leaders in your community to foster progress.

Financial Requirement
  • Investments and Fees – $66.5k – $119.9k (First Year Total)
  • Average Startup Cost – $34,500
  • Royalties – 10% of Revenue
  1. Mad Science®

Mad Science® is the world’s premier Edutainment company that brings science to life with fun and hands-on activities. For more than thirty years, Mad Science® has been the world’s market leader in the franchise market -providing hands-on, science-based programs and activities geared towards children aged 3-12.

Mad Science offers a variety of fun and interactive programs in the form of shows, workshops, birthday parties, and summer camps. Mad Science operates in 158 locations in over 28 countries worldwide and reaches over 6 million children each year.

  1. Next Step Education Group

Next Step Education Group is a national education company founded in 1995 as a magazine for high school students and delivered to school counselors in bulk. When the magazine retired in 2013, Next Step continued to develop helpful and informative college planning content online. In 2014, Next Step added a 1-on-1 college planning model through a College Planning Center in Rochester, NY.

Financial Requirement

An introductory rate of $995 per year is being offered. If you would like to break it up into quarterly payments, that cost is $275 four times per year.

  1. Young Engineers

Operating in over 45 countries, Young Engineers Franchise offers a variety of STEM LEGO® based after-school programs, that combine Education + Entertainment (Edutainment).

They developed unique educational programs for children aged 4-15 years, that you can easily operate to establish a successful and meaningful franchise business. Their classes focus on science, technology, engineering, math (STEM), through fun and inspiring learning experience.

Young Engineers are honored to be endorsed by the European Union Commission, while also aligned to the U.S common core standards. In addition to the semester-annual programs, Young Engineers has also developed complementary programs such as unique birthday parties, summer camps, and more.

Financial Requirement
  • Available Locations – Single-unit, multi-unit, area development, and master franchise opportunities available throughout the United States and worldwide in many countries.
  • Minimum Cash Required – $39,000
  • Financing Assistance – Yes, from the company.