Do you want to start a driving school business by buying a franchise? If YES, here are 4 best driving school franchise opportunities for sale and their cost. The demand for the services of driving schools is on the increase as growth in household formation rates expanded the available clientele base for the industry.

As the economy improved and people started acquiring private cars, the demand for the services of driving schools increased as well, leading to an increase in the number of industry operators. As a result of this, the competition in the industry is extremely high, leading profit to only improve marginally over the period, despite noticeably improved economic conditions.

Driving school business generally is a competitive business because it is not difficult to start. Any entrepreneur who intends to go into this business should ensure that they carry out thorough feasibility studies and market research so that the risks associated with this type of business can be greatly minimized. This is why it is safe to buy the franchise of a driving school if you find one in your location.

The bottom line is that opting for a franchise model when starting a business in the of America is one sure way to go especially if you want to avoid the teething process associated with business startups.

So, if you want to buy a franchise, in no particular order, here are the 4 best driving school franchises to buy in the United States of America;

4 Best Driving School Franchise Opportunities for Sale and Their Cost

  1. Rare Driving School

This Driving School established in 2008, has shown consistent revenue and positive growth. It has distinguished itself by being one of only four schools in Maryland to gain approval to offer the “Young Driver Improvement Program” when the program began in 2009.

The largest and most reputable driving school on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, it includes all FF&E with 9 vehicles, 3 office locations, and 14 instructors. They are able to serve three counties efficiently and provide their students with the best driver education available.

Their focus on teaching students the safest and most current driving techniques has quickly made them the premier driving school on the shore with over 50 percent market share. Expansion into other areas of the shore and Delaware gives a new owner plenty of room for even more growth potential.

  1. LDC Driving School Franchise

Unlike most other franchises operating in the driver training industry, LDC Driving School Franchise sees you as a valued customer and not an anonymous drone to be controlled from the Centre. If you are interested in buying LDC Driving School Franchise, then you should contact them via their website for more details and their financial requirements.

  1. 911 Driving Schools

911 Driving Schools is currently operating in 6 states with a 50 – state online presence. 911 Driving Schools’ potentials have been demonstrated by their loyal following. 911 Driving Schools first opened in Puyallup, Washington in 2005 with their most recent school in Lake Mary, Florida. 911 Driving Schools student base is rapidly expanding and has recently reached over 100, 000 successfully trained students nationwide. With new schools available, here’s the opportunity to set your course for success.

911 Driving School owners are experiencing, on average, over a 20 percent annual growth rate year over year. They believe this growth rate is explained by several factors but two stand out. First, they are constantly receiving repeat business from families that had one child attend a 911 Driving School. Second, their word of mouth referrals are very strong from past and current students to others who are looking to attend their first driver education course.

911 Driving Schools offer a variety of driver education courses, including New Teen Driving Courses, Adult First Time License and Refresher Courses, Teen and Adults Private Coaching Sessions, Teen and Adult Skill Enhancement Courses, Teen and Adult Online Practice Examinations, Corporate Fleet Training Programs and Specialized Law Enforcement Driver Training/Refresher Courses.

They have one main guiding principle; what is good for us should be good for you and vice versa. In other words, they try to avoid any conflicts of interest. They are looking to form a symbiotic relationship that benefits both parties.

911 Driving Schools charge one of the LOWEST franchise fees of any national driving school. They operate a franchise where you only pay for what you need. As a result, they can offer a very cost-effective franchise that probably gives you the HIGHEST earning potential than other driving school franchises.

  1. AA Driving School Franchise

If you are looking for a reliable support, trustworthy advice and opportunity to grow a driving school franchise – business, then you should consider buying the franchise of AA Driving School.

Being part of AA Driving School franchise is more than branded car hire and admin support even though that is a given. They pride themselves on really looking after you. So as a franchise member of AA Driving School, you will have these benefits:

  • A dedicated team of advisers during your first few months.
  • Meet and network with other new AA instructors.
  • Access to My – Franchise and AA My – Drive – their exclusive websites and apps to help manage your business.
  • Opportunities to attend instructor workshops and training courses to aid your development.
  • AA Driving School Franchise dedicated advice, pupil supply service, and business management apps free you to focus on teaching.

So, if you are interested in buying an LDC Driving School Franchise, then you should contact them via their website for more details.