Do you want to start a computer institute by buying a franchise? If YES, here are 4 best computer institute franchise opportunities for sale and their cost. It is now an established fact that computers and technology have taken over the world and its systems. For anyone to survive in this new tech world, it is very pertinent that they get a knowledge of how the computer works, no matter how basic the knowledge might be.

Today, we observe kids grow up already having a good knowledge of the computer that would enable them live an informed life in this tech-ruled world, but there are still people of whom computer knowledge is a struggle, this people then need to learn how to use the computer at a training institute.

Furthermore, anyone who wants to veer into the complicated aspects of computer usage such as coding, building software or repairing hardware, would need to get a good amount of training. With the major role computer training plays in our society, it is however a wonder that there are not much computer training centers offering franchise in the .

The reason for this is not far-fetched because not a lot of people would want to go deeper than the basics as long as computers are concerned. And again, people, especially the young ones, are self-taught, and this is quite easy with the existence of google and YouTube. But that does not mean that a computer training institute franchise cannot succeed in the United States.

It can if you find that perfect niche, something like tutoring children on the subject or offering coding, software and hardware training. These are the trending niche areas now as far as computer training is concerned. If you are thinking of a franchise in this direction, we found a few successful computer training franchises that you may want to take a look at.

4 Best Computer Institute Franchise Opportunities for Sale and Their Cost

  1. New Horizons Computer Learning Center

New Horizons Computer Learning Centers, Inc., is a subsidiary of New Horizons Worldwide, Inc., and this company is reputed to be the world’s largest computer training company. New Horizons Worldwide business strategy focuses on continued worldwide expansion to meet the ever-increasing demands of the tech revolution.

The New Horizons network provides students more ways to learn the computer, more courses to choose from, and they are in more locations than any other company in the industry. New Horizons has quickly become the world leader in this industry through its development of company-owned and franchised training centers.

Franchising provides the speed of distribution that has enabled New Horizons to capture the market share. Carefully selected buybacks of franchised centers are made when the Company identifies opportunities to improve margins.

Computer training is big business, and no franchise knows that better than New Horizons, one of the industry leaders, with more than 200 locations worldwide and 1999 systemwide sales of more than $400 million. They are still looking to expand their reach in the world.

Financial requirements

  • Liquid capital required: $250,000
  • Net worth required: $500,000
  • Investment: $400,000 – $500,000
  • Franchise fee: $25,000
  1. iCode

iCode Computer Science for Kids is a children’s educational franchise that helps prepare young minds for the technology of the 21st Century. This computer training company teaches computer languages, programming, robotics, coding, and creative audio/visual arts to children in grades K-12.

They have unique programs designed around mastering different levels of achievement, using colored “belts” similar to the belts earned in martial arts. The institute offers after school programs, in school programs, summer camps, boot camps, hackathons, and special events. Their students learn computer science, cooperative interactions, make new friends, and have fun learning skills they’ll use for a lifetime.

The iCode is further differentiated from the competition by offering the highest number of revenue generation courses and camps available to kids, teens, adults and working professionals in the industry. iCode has relationships with third-party sources which offer financing to cover franchise fee, startup costs, equipment, inventory. The company is seeking new franchise units worldwide.

Financial Requirements

  1. Computertots/Computer Explorers

In 1984, personal computers were still considered a luxury, and schools were figuring out how to best use the new technology as a learning tool. Moms Karen Marshall and Mary Rogers saw the teaching potential of computers and began Computertots/Computer Explorers with $1,500, one computer and 10 young students.

Computer Tots/Computer Explorers offer technological education to youngsters, providing software, curriculum, technology certified teachers and staff, and real-life, hands-on education to help kids increase their skills in other areas (math, critical thinking, language arts, etc.). The programs start with children age 3 and up.

Franchisees can operate the business using either a manager model or an owner-operated model. A manager employs a staff to assist in the teaching and operation of the business; while the owner of an owner-operated model not only teaches classes, but also operates the business.

In 2003, Computertots/Computer Explorers was acquired by The International Center for Entrepreneurial Development Inc., which also owns Kwik Kopy Printing, Kwik Kopy Business Centers, Franklin’s Printing, American Wholesale Thermographers, Copy Club, Women’s Health Boutique and Parcel Plus.

Computer Explorers offers in-house financing to cover franchise fee and startup costs, and the company has relationships with third-party sources which offer financing to cover
franchise fee, startup costs, equipment, inventory, accounts receivable and payroll.

Financial Requirements

  1. The Fourth R

The Fourth R is an information technology educational company that provides quality courseware and certification services to leading schools and learning centers throughout the world. Computers have changed virtually all aspects of our lives, and as the world moves from an industrial to an information economy, computer literacy is the ‘Fourth R’ in education.

The Fourth R provides systems, resources, relationships and support to successfully implement computer education programs. Its systems and resources offer proven methods and solutions to help partners succeed.

The Fourth R leads franchisees through every phase of opening, operating and growing a business, regardless of computer, education or business background. The Fourth R also provides ongoing advice and consultation on all aspects of the business. The Fourth R was established in 1991, and has since grown to more than 600 centers in more than 44 countries worldwide.

Financial Requirements