No. A business degree is really not required to own a franchise. Even though a college degree is really not required to own a franchise, it is extremely beneficial as it helps you learn skills necessary to run a business such as transparency, multitasking, as well as self-awareness.

Prior to setting up a business, you should take into account obtaining experience via volunteering activities, traineeship, mentorship, or general professional experience. A franchise is an enterprise that is owned and managed by a franchisee while being supervised and marketed by a bigger parent corporation or franchisor. Food and hotel chains, such as Subway and Hilton Hotels, are widely known illustrations.

Regardless of if you possess no business experience or a university degree, making a decision to open a franchise begins with understanding yourself. Are you eager to put in the effort, gain knowledge from others, and maintain an open mind to new concepts as well as possibilities? Then you should think of going for a franchise.

Qualifications to Own a Franchise in the United States

Are you considering opening a franchise but aren’t completely convinced about what you’ll need? Listed below are the basic criteria for opening a franchise business.

  1. Money to Fund and Run the Franchise

Prior to even considering opening a franchise, you will be required to have sufficient startup investment. You may need to borrow money unless you are independently wealthy. Begin with commercial banks because they fund a wide range of franchises. You could also use other people’s equity.

  1. A Business Plan

A business plan is among the most important necessities for opening a franchise. Right before you begin putting together your plan, go over every piece of information you’ve received from a potential franchisor, as well as your own independent investigations.

Ensure your business plan is properly written since it may affect the likelihood that a lending institution acknowledges your loan.

  1. Postsecondary Training

Since there are so many franchise options, there isn’t any standard academic route that anyone can take to become a franchise owner.

However, remember that when companies evaluate your request to acquire a unit, they will take into account your prior knowledge of the industry. Evidently, if you have never worked as a broker, a real estate firm is unlikely to take a chance on you.

Several franchise opportunities necessitate a bachelor’s degree. Even if you don’t intend to pursue a college degree, contemplate getting several college-level courses in finance and economics. According to the latest study of franchisees, upwards of 80% of franchisees held a college degree.

  1. Experience, abilities, and personality characteristics

For wannabe franchise owners, every previous corporate experience, particularly in administration, will be beneficial. To end up making your franchise unit fruitful, you must be self-motivated and disciplined.

To be able to qualify for a line of credit, you must also have an excellent credit rating or enough funds to afford the upfront cash. Other key qualities encompass solid leadership abilities, superior managerial and time-management abilities, and a desire to learn new things.

  1. Licensing or certification

Several franchises have their own certification schemes. You can also obtain the certified franchise executive designation from the Institute of Certified Franchise Executives, which is connected with the International Franchise Association.

Even though certification is optional, it will demonstrate your degree of training as well as devotion to the sector, and it will also allow you to make friends with other franchise specialists.


Entrepreneurship could be an excellent means of achieving sustainable income, but it necessitates a significant amount of hard work, as well as the tenacity to establish a profitable company. A bachelor’s degree, meanwhile, is not necessary to begin a franchise, however, it does aid.